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Where can you buy a J Stevens Arms single shot break over 20 gauge and how much should it cost?


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2005-10-13 16:13:48
2005-10-13 16:13:48

They're common at gunshows, gun shops and on-line auctions. Value would be $50 to $125, depending on condition.


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What is the value of a Stevens model 940b 16 gauge single shot? And when was it made?

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The J Stevens model 107B break over 12 gauge single shot shotgun is valued at $125 in good condition.Ê In fair condition, it is valued at $50.Ê

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They were made in .410 bore, 20, 16, 12 gauge, and may have had 32 and 28 gauge options, though they are rare if they exist. It should say on the barrel what gauge and choke it is.

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My dad and I bought a Stevens Mod. 940 single shot 16 gauge at a hardware store in 1950. model # 940

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The Springfield name was used by Stevens from 1920 to 1948.

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