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Where can you buy a clip for a Winchester Model 131 22 rifle?

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Where can you get replacement parts for a Sears 2C 22 caliber rifle?

Your Sears Model 2C rifle was made by Winchester as their Model 131. SOME parts are available from Numrich Gun Parts Corp. See link below that will take you to the Numrich catalog for the Winchester 131.

Where can you get a operaters manual for model 131 Winchester?

rear site is it possible ot get one and how does it come of the rifle

Clip for Winchester 22 cal rifle model 131?

Garage sales, estate sales, pawn shops, gun shows, gun shops, Shotgun News, egunparts, Brownell's, MidWay USA

Value of a Winchester model 131 rifle?

Made from 1967-1973. Value depends on condition. Range from 100-350 USD.

Where can I get extractors for a sears and roebuck bolt action 22 model 273.27510 The rifle was made by Winchester it is a model 131?

It is indeed a Winchester 131. You need to check with a gunsmith for parts. gunpartcorp has only the right hand extractor available on their website- sold out of lefthand- but a smith will have other sources.

What is the age of a 22 caliber Winchester Model 131?

the 131 was introduced in 1967 and dropped from the Winchester line in 1973. none were serialed, so that's the closest you can get I have a Winchester model 131 and mine is serialized. I bought it new in about 1971 or1972.

Does winchester model 131 have serial numbers?

That all depends on when your rifle was made.These model 131 Winchester rifles were made between 1967-1973.The gun control act of 1968 mandated that serial numbers be placed on all firearms.If yours was made during 1967-1968 then it was not required to have a serial number.

Who made the Sears 2T 22 rifle for Sears?

According to the store brand cross reference in Numrich gun parts corporation's catalog, Sears model 2t was made by Winchester. I believe it is a Winchester model 141 because the model 131 is magazine fed and the model 121 is a single shot.

How old is a Winchester 22 model 131 bolt action?

Made from 1967 - 1973

Where is the serial number located on a Winchester model 131?

CHeck the receiver very carefully

How do you keep a bolt action in a Winchester 22 model 131?

You need the services of a gunsmith

Where can you find the manufacturer and an owners manual for a 22 caliber Sears Model 2C or 173.27510 bolt action rifle?

The Sears 2C was made by Winchester and is basically the same as the Winchester Model 131. Owners manuals might be found online at one of the auction site like eBay or GunBroker. We have parts available.

What is the value of a Winchester 22 cal bolt action model 131?

paid 250 last night

What is a Winchester model 131 worth?

these winchesters are going for between 75-200 dollars,depending on condition.

When was the model 131 22cal rifle produced?

What make? We need more info to answer- there were several different Mdl 131s.

What year was sears model 2c 22 cal rifle serial number 27327510 made and how much is it worth?

The sears 2c is actually a Winchester Model 131. I just acquired one and I'm looking for parts. I'll update when I learn more.I have a 2C Mod No 273.27510. I can't find a serial number anywhere on the barrel or receiver. I purchased mine from Sears in 1969.the 131 was introduced in 1967 and dropped from the Winchester line in 1973. none were serialed, so that's the closest you can get

The Value of a Sears model 2C?

It's a Winchester 131. There weren't a whole lot made but they're not worth all that much. Some say $350 on the high side, but in reality it's probably about a $100 rifle give or take. Nothing wrong with it, it'll shoot FOREVER but it's not a Holland and Holland.

What is the correct bolt disassembly procedure for Winchester 121 and 131 series rifles?

Go to You-Tube.They should have a video available for you to watch.

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What is the source of iodine-131?

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