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Have you tried Cabella's ? I'd suggest contacting (supporting) some of the places that advertise on this FAQ Farm page. If they don't have them, they'll know who does.

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Q: Where can you buy a magazine for a 243 Winchester model 88 that holds 4 rounds?
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How many rounds does a Winchester model 1400 hold?

Your winchester model 1400 holds 3 rounds of ammo.(1 in the chamber,and 2 in the magazine.)

How many shells does the Winchester model 77 hold?

the Model 77 with magazine ( clip fed ) holds 7 rounds of long riflel only. The tube feed model I believe held 15 rounds.

How many rounds does a winchester 3030 hold?

A Winchester model 1894 rifle will hold 6 rounds of 30-30 ammo total.5 rounds in the magazine,and 1 round in the chamber.

What is the magazine capacity of a Winchester model 94 trapper?

If your Winchester model 94 trapper is chambered for 30-30Win.Then the magazine capacity is 5 rounds.If your Winchester trapper is chambered for either the .44Mag/.44Spl.or the .45colt,then the magazine tube capacity is 9 rounds.

Is Winchester model 1400 magazine 3 or 5 shot capacity?

the model 1400 holds 3 shells. 1 in the chamber and 2 in the magazine.

How many rounds can a Remington 700 hold?

Depending on caliber, the fixed internal magazine holds three, four, five, or six rounds. The police DM model has a detachable magazine.

How many bullets can you shoot from a 22winchester rifle 290 model?

The magazine tube holds 15 rounds.

Where can you purchase extended magazine for Winchester model 100 carbine?

I have 5 I would part with. New in box. Manufactured by Colyer Clip. It says on the box it holds 8 rounds, but it will take 9, plus one in the chamber.

How many rounds can a glenfield model 60 .22 caliber shoot?

A standard model 60 holds 14 rounds in its tubular magazine. Including the one in the chamber it will hold a total of 15 cartridges.

What does the Savage model 99e hold in the magazine?

if you are asking as to how many rounds it holds.the answer is five.If you are asking what it holds the answer is ammunition for the rifle.

How many bullets are in a Glock 9 mag?

There's no Glock with the model number "9", so I assume you mean a 9mm glock. The Glock 17 (full-size 9mm) holds 17 rounds in a factory magazine. The Glock 19 (compact 9mm) holds 15 rounds in a factory magazine. The Glock 26 (teeny-tiny 9mm) holds 10 rounds in a factory magazine. The Glock 17L/34 (competition) also holds 17 rounds. The Glock 18 (Select fire, full size 9mm) holds 33 rounds in a factory magazine. Higher capacity magazines fit and function in lower capacity firearms, for instance the model 26 can use model 17, 19, and 33 magazines.

How many bullets does a 22 Winchester rifle model 190 hold?

The magazine holds 15 Long Rifle CARTRIDGES.

How many rounds does the Winchester Model 1892 have?


Is there a model 556 marlin shotgun?

Yes. The Marlin model 556 is a bolt action shotgun. It has a detachable magazine which holds two rounds and one round in the pipe for a total of three rounds. It is able to shoot 3 inch ammunition.

How many rounds can the 32 caliber colt hold in the magazine?

Magazine capacity for the Model 1903 (.32 Smokeless Rimless) is 8 rounds.

How many rounds did the Winchester model 1873 rifle hold?

13 rounds of .44-40 ammunition.

Where can you find a magazine tube for a Winchester model 80-22 short?

Never heard of a Winchester model 80. There is a Marlin model 80.

How many shells does a Winchester model 120 hold?

A Winchester model 1200 will hold 30 rounds. These rounds are similar to the size that a 12 gauge shotgun wold hold. This gun was first introduced in 1954.

How many shells does a J C Higgins model 20 12 gauge hold?

The J C Higgins Model 20 holds 6 rounds with out a magazine plug

Where can you find a 10 round magazine for a Winchester model 100?

Winchester never made a 10rd magazine for this rifle.It was designed to hunt with and carried a 5 round magazine only.

How many rounds does a 40 70 Winchester hold?

The Winchester 40-70 cartridge was only available in the Winchester model 1886 rifle.This caliber was only made in 629 model 1886 rifles out of a total production of 159,990 mfg.from 1886-1935.i would advise you to measure the length of a loaded round and then measure the length of the rifles magazine.You should be able to determine how many rounds this model 1886 rifle will hold.These fine made rifles were available with either a half length magazine or a full length magazine as per the customers order.

How many rounds does a colt 45 hold?

The government model holds 7 bullets in a magazine but some other models hold 8. Also some people will buy bigger magazines that hold up to 14 rounds.

What type of magazine does a Remington model742 rifle holds?

A model 742 magazine

How many rounds does a marlin 22 cal bolt action model 783 hold?

I believe that the marlin model 783 holds 7 rounds.

How many rounds does a Winchester Model 1894 in 30 30 cal hold?


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