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Where can you buy a stock for an American Gun Company double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with outside hammers?

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Probably not going to find an original stock in usable shape. You will have to buy one of the 95% inletted stocks available from companies like Boyd's and finish it yourself.

2006-08-12 18:17:19
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Q: Where can you buy a stock for an American Gun Company double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with outside hammers?
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What is an American gun company 12 gauge double barrell shotgun with hammers worth serial 69587?

Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

Where to purchase a stock for a Henry Arms Co dbl shotgun with outside hammers?


What is the value of a Massachusetts arms 12 gauge shotgun?

I have one too and have no idea. Mine has outside hammers and a patient date of 1914

Where can you find information about an HSB Company shotgun with a rooster that says RUSO? I am asking anyone if they can tell me the value of my H.S.B. company double barreled shotgun with a brown finish and has a rooster with exposed hammers and has a rooster accompanied with H.S. and B company chicargo?

What is the American gun company double barrel shotgun serial no 362989 worth?

When was it made and how is it worth - American Gun Co., New York - Double barrel exposed, 12 guage exposed hammers and 31 3/4" barrels. Serial Number 362989?

Where can you get a barrel for a Parker bros shotgun with hammers?


Wanting any information regarding an American gun company 20 gauge stainless steel shotgun with hammers and a 24 inch barrel?

If you have an American Gun Company, New York then the gun is not stainless steel. It was made by Crescent Firearms Co. of Norwich, Conn and distributed by the H&D Folsom Co. They were produced with damascus barrels as well as fluid steel (solid) barrels of various lengths and chokes, with and without external hammers.

Can you get an stock for a dbl barrel shotgun with hammers made by eclipse?


Value of eclipse shotgun dbble with hammers?

50-100 or so

Double barrel shotgun with pull back side hammers?


What is the value of a double barrel shotgun serial number 95348 with exposed hammers?

If it is marked 'American Gun Company' on the sideplate, it would be worth $200 tops. Primarily considered as a mantle decoration and unsafe to shoot with modern ammunition.

I have American Gun Co 410 double barrel shotgun with exposed hammers sierl number 6828 in good condition wood like to sell how mutch and were?

it is worthless

What is the age of an American Gun Co shotgun?

94 years old, +/- 20. If twist steel barrels and side hammers, more likely (but not absolutely) prior to WWI. If fluid steel and a boxlock (back hammers or hammerless) ALMOST certainly after c. 1905.

Can you shoot modern ammunition through a American gun co 12 GA shotgun with side hammers?

If your shotgun has Damascus barrels,then by all means do not fire modern smokeless ammo through your shotgun.I would have your shotgun looked at by a qualified gunsmith before attempting to fire any ammo through a shotgun of this age.

What is an American Gun Company 12 gauge shotgun worth?

50-100 USD

Where can you get parts for a 16 gauge American Gun Company shotgun?

numrich has everything but the stock

Is there a parts and instruction catalog or information sheet for an American Arms 12 gauge with hammers double barrell shotgun serial number 133024 available. .?

Unlikely. Try

What is the value of a 1965 Stevens double barrel 12 gauge shotgun with internal hammers?


What is the value of an American Gun Co of New York Double barrel shotgun serial number 241641?

Depending on condition, somewhere between $150 and $250 if it is in safe working condition. If it's an older gun with large outside hammers, it's worth about the same, but as a mantle decoration, not as a useable firearm.

Replacement hammers and triggers for old shotgun?

Can anyone advise me. I currently restoring a black powder 12 bore shotgun one of the the hammers is missing. The gun is circa 1860 Naylor & son Sheffield. Any advice would be welcome. many thanks. Dan.

What is the history of an old double barrel shotgun shell type side hammers with the markings tbs?

manufacturing turned toward internal hammers about 1870 just about the same time the transition from twist to fluid steel barrels appeared. keep in mind that side hammers still appeared on center fire shotguns using brass cased shotgun shells that first appeared about 1860. if it is a percussion cap shotgun its probably pre 1860.

What is a double barrel American Gun Company 12 Gauge shotgun worth?

50-150 USD

What is the manufacture date on 16 gage shotgun with American gun company serial?

No published sn data.

What is the value of a Colt double barrel with hammers 10 GA shotgun?

$700-$3500 depending on condition.

When was the first shotgun without hammers made?

1905 it was invented by roger Arnold an it was fired by there pressure of the chambers