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Used Prom Dresses
  • You could consider buying one online. A quick search for "Used Prom Dress" on the Google search form to the right will come up with a number of results.
  • Try local consignment stores and used clothing stores. You could save yourself some leg time by calling ahead and asking what they have in stock. Remember that dresses can be adjusted to fit you.
  • Why not trying looking at your local thrift-shops!
  • search for "Used Prom dresses" - there are organizations that collect donations and distribute - for low cost or for free
  • You can find thousands of used prom dresses for sale at They put buyers and sellers together.
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Q: Where can you buy a used prom dress?
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How do you get cute prom dreses for a fifth grade prom?

Buy it at a dress store

How do you buy a prom dress?

To buy a prom dress, you'd better to ask for your friend's suggestions if it is possible. The color of the dress can't be too bright if you don't want to stand out and be noticed by everyone. Otherwise, you can choose any color you like.

Where can someone sell their used prom dress?

at a used clothing store! They will buy anything and some of them will give u money back

Used prom dress in liny?

Most girls will only wear their prom dress once, and instead of leaving it in the wardrobe they could sell it and make a bit of money to buy something else. You can find good bargains on used prom dresses in Long Island, New York at an Operation Prom thrift store if there is one located near you or online.

Where can i buy Liz Lee's prom dress?

Los Angeles, CA.

Where can I buy Bella Swan's prom dress?

Well... Bella swans prom dress is really light blue, and i don't think that anyone knows where and when they got Bella's dress, you will have to ask Stephanie Meyer about that. :)

Where can I find a petite prom dress?

Below is the link to one of the sites with prom dresses in size petite.

where can i find a cheap dress for prom?

Thrift stores are a great place to find a cheap prom dress, however, just keep in mind that the dress will be used and only in limited sizes. Plus, the style may be outdated.

How do you get the yellow prom dress on fantage?

You get the Yellow Prom Dress from gems.

Is a blue prom dress pretty?

yes it is it is a beautiful dress to where to the prom

Where can you sell your used prom dress in South Dakota?


What is a fashionable prom dress?

A fashionable prom dress would be on that is on trend for the times or year the prom is. Jessica McClintock makes great prom dress and has a wide variety of styles to choose from.

What is the best store in the sawgrass mills mall to buy a prom dress?

Group usa

Is the Golden Prom Dress a member rare item and how do you get it on Fantage?

The Golden prom dress is NOT a member item! The golden prom dress is no longer available but the purple prom dress is still available! 3 sapphires to get it! Go get it now, but maybe it wouldn't really be the purple prom dress as they always mix and match!

How do I pick out a prom dress?

To pick out a prom dress, go with what you can afford, and with what will make you happy.

What is the difference between a grad dress and a prom dress?

The grad dress is usually white. The prom dress is usually more flashy and sexier.

Where can I buy a navy blue prom dress online?

As I understand, you are looking for your daughters navy blue prom dress and looking for safe online store. So here I can recommend to you to visit, the occasions dresses & lingerie online store. You can also shop discount prom dress. It is a secure site.

How do you make a guy wear a Prom dress?

Make him wear the Prom Dress whether he likes it or not!

What is a good place to buy a prom dress?

forever 21,charlotte russe,express,macys.

Weres there a cheep place to buy a prom dress?

Jame Norman do great dresses for proms

What dress did jessica choose to wear to the prom?

jess chose to wear the pink dress 2 the prom

Where can I sell my used prom dresses for a decent amount of money?

take the dress picture ,and put on aliexpress or ebay. and then you can sell out your used dress

When is the best time to sell your prom dress?

before prom

Brown prom dress what color shoes should you buy?

It depends on the beading but I would probably do gold.

What is your ideal prom dress?

My ideal prom dress is classic and flattering. I do like the shorter length dresses too.