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Where can you buy an inexpensive bure bred Yorkshire Terrier?

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Buying an Inexpensive Yorkshire Terrier

Why not keep your eye out at the local shelters? One in every four dogs who come through are purebreeds. In addition, you may find a dog you fall in love with regardless of his lineage. Tens of thousands of dogs are killed each year because people get hung up on expensive animals. Your pet will love you no matter his blood.


I agree! I am a huge advocate for both the SPCA and Humane Society. Check with local shelters and also rescue organizations. There are so many beautiful dogs awaiting a home. You might decide on another breed or a mixed breed that includes some Yorkie blood. Whatever you decide, remember to have your pet fixed. It really is the right thing to do.

Rescue & Breeders

If cost is a big hurdle for you, it may be time to look into an adult who is available either through rescue or through a responsible breeder. Many good breeders will place their older females in family homes when they are retired. Visit a local dog show, and talk with the breeders who are competing, or contact the breed club for your area and ask them about rescue. If the club doesn't run a rescue group, they will be able to refer you to one.

from no-brainer. i wouldn't buy an inexspencive yorkie because cheap dogs sometimes happen to get many health ishews or the dog may be non-existent and you lose your money if its over the internet... if you buy a dog over the internet make sure the dog accualy exists first so you don't lose 100 and more dollors over a fake..


Honestly, inexpensive yorkies are most of them time from backyard breeders. If you really want a Yorkshire terrier and have done all your research on the breed and prepared to take care of all of it's special grooming and exercise needs, than you should either look into finding a reputable breeder that takes good care of the dogs and meet the parents and go in to check out the living conditions. It's not going to cheap but look at it this way; would you rather buy a CHEAP pup that is going to have health problems which lead to vet bills in the future and heartbreak, or a healthy pup just to pay a bigger amount up front? Either that or really it would be a better idea to check out your local shelters as said before. Good luck! (:

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2011-09-14 11:07:46
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