Where can you buy an mr16 CFL compact fluorescent bulb?

You can buy an MR16 compact fluorescent bulb with bi-pin base in either 35 or 50 watt (claimed) equivalent at Home Depot.

Feit Electric is the manufacturer and the bulb I bought to experiment with fell short of the claimed rating- there's no way that this 50 watt equivalent was even close to much more than a 20 watt. It was disappointing. I tried 3 of them in my bathroom to replace 3 50W halogens and it was pitifully dim... [Edit: Svartalf] I'm not at all surprised. Many of the vendors play fast and loose with the "effective" ratings. Some get closer than others, but in the end, they all fall short. Most of the "35 watt equivalent" LED and CFL answers are closer to 20 watt halogens from the bottom end of "close". I don't buy the bulk of the claims of 40 watt equivalents in the LED space. Some of them get in the ballpark, but pretty much none of the non-custom answers in the MR-16 space are honestly in the league of what they've been claimed to be. [Edit: smatda]

Stay away. I purchased 3 of these from Home Depot. Two failed within 30 minutes. I took them back and exchanged them. One of the two new ones failed as well. And one of the original bulbs failed after a month. So out of 5 bulbs, 2 have actually lasted beyond 30 minutes, and only one has lasted over a month. None have lasted over two months with very light usage (maybe 15 hours a week???) I took a hacksaw and did an "autopsy" of one of the bulbs...it showed a massive transistor and capacitor failure (components were destroyed on the printed circuit board).