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Numrich gun parts carries them. However, they are currently out of stock. Just keep checking or call them to see when they will be available again.

2013-01-13 04:38:28
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What is the value of a 1892 Winchester made in 1901?

In order to answer your question properly I would need to know if the rifle in question is a carbine(20in barrel),trappers carbine(12,14,15,16,18in barrel)Musket(30in barrel,2 barrel bands full length stock) or a regular production rifle(24in barrel).I would also need to know the caliber of the rifle,and if it is a take down model?If you can provide these answers I could accurately describe the value of your rifle.

What is the price for the Winchester Model 94 30-30 serial 3644979?

1994 WINCHESTER MODEL 94 CENTENNIAL 30-30 cal. STANDARD GRADE 12000 mfg. $700 * Engraved blue receiver, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel LIMITED EDITION 1200 mfg. $1500 * Hand engraved blue receiver w/ gold inlay, tang sight, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel CUSTOM GRADE 94 mfg. $10500 Hand engraved silver receiver and barrel bands, tang sight, 20" half-round, half-octagon barrel

What is the value of a 38 caliber Winchester model 1873 serial number 136788A in excellent condition?

A Winchester model 1873 value could be considerable.Your rifle which was made in the year 1883 is considered a third model will be valued at between 750-1,000 dollars for a below average rifle,if it is a average model then between 1,000-1,600 dollars,and a above average will bring between 1,650-2,300 dollars.These values reflect your rifle having between 10%-40% of its original finish.If your rifle has a 20in.barrel and 2 barrel bands then the price range is between 1,200-3,000 dollars.I would seriously consider having a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.evaluate your rifle for a more accurate value.

What is the value of a Springfield rifle made in 1833?

You will need to include the model number if it can be viewed on the side lock,if not plese describe the barrel lenght,how many bands around the barrel,and caliber by measuring the bore to help identify your old military musket,flintlock.

Can you find silly bands at Walmart Winchester Virginia?

Yes..u can Justin bieber had a consert there and he but some silly bands there so yes.

What is the value of a Winchester lever action Buffalo Bill commemorative 3030?

1968 BUFFALO BILL 30-30 cal. 122169 mfg. (rifles & carbines) Engraved blue receiver, nickel plated forend cap, barrel bands and buttplate, medallion in stock RIFLE - 26" heavy octagon barrel $545 CARBINE - 20" heavy octagon barrel $545 Consecutively Serial Numbered Matched Pair

What is the origin of a black powder gun with a marking US Springfield on one end of the firing bolt and 1863 on the back side and is 1863 the year it was made or the model?

Model 1863 Rifle Musket, Type I, manufactured at the US Springfield Armory. !863 is both the model designation and the year of manufacture. A total of 273,265 were made. If it has not been altered, it is a .58 caliber, single shot muzzleloader with a 40" round barrel and three barrel bands.

What things can be made from brass?

Jewellery, pipes, screws, instruments: brass bands. tubas, flutes, ectect.

What is the value of a 25-20 Winchester model 1892 rifle manufactured in 1908?

I will give you a price range for the standard rifle with a barrel length of 24in.octagon or round,blued receiver,cresent buttplate, forend cap,tube magazine.This version ranges in price from a minimum of 475 dollars-2,000 dollars,based on the rifle having between 10%-70% of its original finish remaining and a good bore.You may add 25% to these figures if you have a takedown model.There is also a deluxe version distinguished by a checkered fancy pistol grip stock,and the saddle ring carbine model with a 20in round barrel,2 barrel bands,and a saddle ring attached to the side of the receiver.the deluxe rifle value is between 1,750-9,250 dollars based on the above level of finish remaining,and the carbine model is 700-2,550 dollars.

What is a cooper?

A cooper is someone who makes wooden staved barrels. They are held together with steel bands.barrel maker

Need information on a Winchester buffalo bill commemorative pin?

!@ 122,169 rifles and carbines made in 1968. Medallion in stock. Nickel plated butt, barrel bands and forend cap.RIFLE had a 26 inch hvy bbl\CARBINE came with a 20" heavy octagon barrel50-500 USD depending on condition.

What is a four letter word for barrel part?

hoop (One of six to eight metal bands that hold the wooden staves together.)

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What does the c mean in Model 336c Marlin rifle?

The C stands for carbine. Here is a list I've found concerning the rest of the letters: CS .... Carbine Safety C........ Carbine. 1968 and up RC......Regular Carbine same as C prior to 1968 T .......Texan. Carbine with straight stock, 20 inch barrel TS.......Texan Safety with 18.5 inch barrel. SC.......Sporting Carbine, 20 inch barrel, 2/3 mag tube, pistol grip. CB.......Cowboy, 24 inch octagon barrel and straight stock. A.........Prior to 1980 24 inch round barrel PG stock A........ Most recent, 20 inch PG carbine with birch wood, end cap forend. W........ 20 inch PG carbine, birch wood, and two barrel bands Y......... Spikehorn youth model short PG walnut stock 16.5 inch barrel. LTS...... Texan Safety, 16.25 inch barrel. Marauder.. same as 336 T except has 16.25" barrel and SG. Roll marked RC. ER......... Extra Range PG stock in 356 Winchester. 375....... PG stock 20 inch barrel in 375 Win. XLR.......Stainless steel 24 inch barrel PG laminated stock CC....... 20 inch carbine with camo pattern birch PG stock SS........20 inch PG stock Stainless steel. ZG....... Zane Grey Century PG stock, 22 inch octagon barrel. 336 Octagon.. 22 inch octagon barrel SG stock. 336BL.... big loop lever and laminated PG stock.

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Inside the barrel increased range and accuracy?

Rifling refers to helix-shaped pattern of grooves and bands that have been formed into the inside of the barrel of a firearm to impart a spin to a projectile around its long axis. This spin gyroscopically stabilizes the projectile and improves its accuracy and stability.

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