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Where can you buy food for a clam?

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pet store

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Clam knife where can you buy locally?

where to purchase clam knife

How is the giant clam threathend?

The Giant clam is threatened by people who harvest their meat for food.

What food rhymes with Pam?


Where can you buy decorative clam shells?


How does a clam get its food?

A clam gets it's food by using a foot. This is a fleshy, muscular organ called a cilia. It brings the food to it's mouth. It's main food is plankton.

How does a clam get food?

It filter feeds on plankton.

What is the traditional food of Texas?

It is clam chowder.

What kind of food does a clam eat?


What is a Salmons favorite food?

shellfish clam

How long can a clam survive without food?

A clam cannot survive without water. They would not be able to last long if they didn't have food to eat.

How does a clam eat?

A Clam filters out its organic food from the water. This is the same way Barnacles and Sponges feed.

What are the clam's siphons names?

The clam has two siphons. The excurrent siphon (which expels water and waste out of the clam) and the incurrent siphon (which brings oxygen and food and water into the clam).

What is the function of the mouth of a clam?

gets food into body

What food rhymes with saleem?

cannibalism, clam, graham

Crab food chain?

crab clam paramecium volvox

What is the the most famous food in rhode island?

Clam cakes

What does the algae rely on the giant clam for?

The symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) that lives in Tridacna clams receive a food source and a safe place to live in exchange for providing the clam with a food source.

What does alga do?

Mutualism: mutually beneficial association between different kinds of organisms n Example: A clam and algae o The alga lives inside the shell of the clam and provides the clam with the oxygen and food the clam needs to survive. In return the clam supplies the alga with protection, carbon dioxide and nutrients.

What is the function of a clam palp?

The main function of a calm palp is to help with digestion. It helps control how much food gets digested by the clam.

What is a well reviewed clam chowder recipe?

A well reviewed clam chowder recipe would be the New England Clam Chowder. You may find reviews on it as well as information at the Food Network website.

How long can a clam live without food?

it can live for many weeks

What food does a clam eat?

Most clams filter the water for plankton.

What is the function of the stomach and digestive gland in the clam?

They digest and store food

Where is a soft shell clam placed on the food web?

no they eat pewople

What is a traditional food in Massachusetts?

Cranberries New England Clam Chowder Lobster Clam Bakes Boston baked beans Boston Cream Pie