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Check your local bookstore. If they have it, it will be in the manga section. Or you can probably buy them on the internet.

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Where can buy gakuen Alice in English manga?

you can buy gakuen Alice in manga form in English (translated) at Borders.

When is season 2 of gakuen Alice going to be released?

No one knows the actual day of the release - because alot of people are spreading rumors. I believe that there is only going to be one season, but there still is hope! But you can read the mangas: Gakuen Alice Volume 1-5 (season 1) Gakuen Alice Volume 6+ (beyond season 1) You can read the mangas at: -http://www.mangafox.com/manga/gakuen_alice/ Or you can buy or check the volumes at a library or a book store. Hope that Helps!

Where can i buy gakuen Alice volume 6 in usa?

Gakuen Alice volume 6 is coming out in Feburaury 2009; Vol 7 is on May 2009 Vol 8 is on July 2009

Where can buy gakuan alice season 2?

there is no gakuen alice season 2.

Is gakuen Alice out in japan yet?

Yes, Gakuen Alice season one is out in Japan - But Gakuen Alice Season 2 is not out.. Gakuen Alice Season 1 is subbed and dubbed - (Dubbed meaning using English Voices and Subbed meaning with English letters) - However, You can not buy Gakuen Alice Season dubbed because Animax did the English voices and it already aired- You can watch Gakuen Alice (Subbed) At: http://tv.blinkx.com/show/alice-academy/Rd9Oc300Xvwt7ZM8 Or you can read the manga at: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/gakuen_alice/ You can also buy volumes of Gakuen Alice from bookstores or check it out at a library! Hope that Helps!

Where can you buy the Alice academy season 2?

Gakuen Alice (Academy) Season 2 does not exist. The people who made season 1 have not announced anything about making another season for Gakuen Alice (Academy). A petition has been going around for another Season for Gakuen Alice (Academy): http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/gakuen-alice-season-2.html Hope that Helps!

Where can you buy Alice Academy mangas in English in the Philippines?

You can buy volumes 1-6 at Comicquest. Its at the 4th floor of Festival Supermall.

Where can i buy gakuen Alice manga in Philippines?

you could try in comic odyssey (robinson) or order it online.

Where do you buy Gakuen Alice manga?

i think i found them on amazon but not sure havent gotten my first book yet but i intend to buy them all if it is

Where can you buy gakuen Alice on DVD?

It just got released in America; however, you could find it probably on Amazon or Rightstuf.

Where can you find gakuen Alice Chinese manga?

Gakuen Alice normally gets published in Japanese and Chinese. You could probably find the raw of each chapter in Chinese scanned on youtube. I'm not sure if you could buy it in chinese though. You could check Ebay!

Where can you buy Gakuen Alice volume6?

You could tryAmazonBarnes and NobleBordersEbayRightStufThose are where I would check first.

Where would you could buy series of Galen Alice?

You could buy Gakuen Alice (Academy) in local Bookstores. You could ask librarians. I know of two stores that sells Gakuen Alice, but you might not be familiar with it, but they're called Barnes and Noble, and Target. Depending on the location you live the stores vary. I recommend looking it up on the internet. Say, for example, if you were to look if Barnes and Noble has Gakuen Alice Series look, it up in the Barnes and Noble website. But I'm assuming that most of you guys have not heard of Barnes and Noble. So, if there's a bookstore that you know of, or just a store that sells books, you can go look that up on it's website. Hope that Helps!

Why did they only make 30 inuyasha ani-mangas?

To make more money and they knew people would buy them..

Where can you get 'Alice Academy' manga video?

the gakuen Alice anime can be watched on youtube.com or crunchyroll.com (just go to the "search" box and write either gakuen Alice or Alice academy. then it would come up with a list of vids and just click the one you want.) you can also buy it from the DVD store/import it from another country. and.. another thing is that you can download veoh tv from veoh.com and download the episodes. (i download it then burn it onto a disc so i can watch it on the tv. ^^) hope that was what you needed!!

Where can you buy Gakuen Alice manga translated in English in the Philippines?

you can find it on eBay for 20 to 50 dollars or on amazonYou know I wouldn't consider internet shopping. Sometimes it can be risky but I saw a shop at SM North Edsa in Quezon City either at the first or second floor at the main building not the annexes and at a corner. Its just the matter of searching 4 the place. Millions of mangas are sold there and many people esp. guys go in there except those mangas I saw all cost about 500 pesos per volume i think.But i didnt see Alice Academy but a man told me they have all mangas that the customer may want. Im not sure its English but I hope it is coz the shop ain't stupid enough to sell books in Japanese language to FILIPINOS! Hope this helps and if you find the store and if theres an Alice Academy manga please email me corkywhitey@yahoo.com ok? Tell me how much its cost per volume and where is its exact place. THANKS!!

Where can you buy the complete manga series of Pokemon?

I don't know where you can buy it, but I know where you can read it for free online, go to http://www.mangavolume.com/serie-archive/mangas-pokemon-adventures/ and there are a bunch of mangas, but also if you want something else go to onemanga.com and you should get a bunch more!

Where can you watch SyFy Alice?

you have to buy it on DVD =) you can buy it on walmart.com or amazon.com

Where can you get inuyasha manga?

you can probably buy it on the internet but if you can't find a way to buy it online you need to search for a shop with manga's and comics normally they'll be able to obtain the manga for you or they still have it in the store. or you could go to a store called book-off. That's where i got my inuyasha mangas. They have a lot of Anime mangas. Trust me. :)

Where can you buy American mcGee's Alice?

Theres two ways. 1) Buy it online 2) If you buy Alice Madness Returns (The part 2) for a console, you get a code on the inside and you can use it to download American McGees Alice. I recommend the second option, because you get both games for $50. If you buy American McGees Alice online, its going to cost over $100.

What store in the Philippines sell many mangas and anime DVDs?

you can buy original manga from fullybook philippines or national bookstore original dvd - you can buy online EBAY or sulit.com

When is Alice by syfy coming on next?

i dont think it is...you have to buy it now. you can buy it on walmart.com or on amazon.com =)

Where can I buy Alice in Wonderland costumes?

There is an offical Alice in Wonderland website for halloween costumes! http://www.buyaliceinwonderlandcostumes.com/. You can also find Alice in Wonderland costumes in stores at Target!

Where can you buy Alice Cullen's necklace?

Alice Cullen's necklace, the Cullen Crest, is available for about $5 at HotTopic, Wal-Mart, and Target.

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