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There are several places to buy small amounts of gallium.

One place, and generally the lowest cost per gram, is ebay. Gallium available here changes frequently.
www.disappearingspoons.com is where to buy any amount of gallium and a spoon mold to make those melting gallium spoons. I couldn't find a site where gallium is cheaper than here, except for the odd ad on ebay.
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What is the color of Gallium?

the colour of gallium when in a powder state is silvery, in a liquid state it is almost always mixed with other substances so the original colour is unknown

How is gallium used?

Gallium is used to give batman a raging boner. if he has intourcourse while high on gallium he will die.

Is Gallium a liquid?

Gallium is a liquid, a solid, and a gas, but it changes states to became a liqiud solid, or gas. Gallium can exist in all states of matter.

How was gallium found?

Gallium was founded by Francios Lecoq de Boisbaudran. He found this element while experimenting with a zinc pyrene blende(a blend of rocks). While expirementing with this blend, he noticed two visible violet rays which came to be named Gallium. He named this element after himself.. Gallium in latin ( Full Answer )

What are uses for gallium?

Element Gallium is used to make up compounds such as Gallium nitride and Gallium asenide. These compounds is used to make solid-state applying in light- emitting diodes(LEDs) primarily.More over some compounds of Gallium is also applied in medicine such as chemical thernometer despite of mercury t ( Full Answer )

What are facts about gallium?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about gallium is that it has a melting point not far above room temperature. With a melting point of just 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Degrees Celsius) the metal will melt in the palm of your hand or on a hot day.

Who discoverd gallium?

Paul-Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran was the French chemist whodiscovered the element Gallium. He also discovered the elementsSamarium and Dysprosium.

What is the derivation of gallium?

Gallium was discovered by Paul-Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran, 1875 in France. The word originates from Latin Gallia, France and gallus, which is a translation of Lecoq. For more information, follow the related link below.

How reactive is gallium?

Gallium, one of the so-called poor metals, is "somewhat" reactive as metals go. It is not found free in nature, and will readily form compounds, which is a reflection of its electronegativity of 1.81 (Pauling scale). Use the link below for more information.

Where is gallium found?

Gallium is often found as a trace element in diaspore, sphalerite, germanite, bauxite, and coal.

Where can you find gallium?

Gallium as gallium nitride, GaN is found in leds and laser diodes in Blu-ray disc readers. In nature gallium is found in trace amounts in bauxite along with aluminium and in zinc ores.

How common is gallium?

Elemental gallium does not occur in nature, but as the gallium(III) salt in trace amounts in bauxite and zinc ores. Its abundance in the Earth's crust is approximately 16.9 ppm. Gallium is found and extracted as a trace component in bauxite and to a small extent from sphalerite. The amount extracted ( Full Answer )

What is the texture of Gallium?

Below room temperature, gallium is a solid, but soft, silvery metal. At slightly above room temperature, gallium melts into a silvery, metallic liquid.

What does gallium combine with?

It can combine with several elements, the strongest bond is when gallium forms with hafnium.

How much is gallium?

Gallium is not a unit of measure. Gallium (Ga) is an element with atomic number 31 in periodic table.

Why is gallium important?

It could (gallium-arsenide) possibly replace nuclear power plants and coal generating materials as a major source of energy reducing the amount of pollution in the atmosphere!

Is gallium toxic?

Studies conclude that gallium is not toxic. But there is some evidence that prolonged exposure can cause dermatitis, but this is not for sure.

Does gallium have a low melting point?

Yes, gallium has a low melting point.The melting point of 302.9146 K (29.7646°C, 85.5763°F) is near room temperature.

How is gallium in bombs?

Gallium is a low mlting metal ("melts in your hand!" and forms alloys quite readily. It was used in early atom bombs alloyed with plutonium.

Why is gallium used?

because gallium is awesome like that;) if u want the real answer ask the question what the name Isabella mean

Is gallium radioactive?

None of the isotopes of gallium ordinarily found in nature is radioactive. As with all elements, there are radioactive synthetic isotopes of gallium.

Where to get gallium?

Gallium is a metal that is safe, fun to play and experiment withand has a melting point of around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It can bepurchased online at sotres like Amazon.

Does gallium rust?

No. And if it were to rust, the rust could be easily removed by melting the gallium with your hand, or hot water, or anything above 85.59*F (29.77*C) :3

Is gallium a metal metalloid or nonmetal?

gallium is not a metalliod nor a nonmetal so its a metal it does however fall near the metalliods and liquefies close to room temperature

What is gallium taraxacum?

GALLIUM-TARAXACUM is Gallium aperine and Taraxacum officinalis. They are an herbal proprietary blend used in weight loss. They can help to boost the metabolism, improve liver and digestive functioning and keep the weight off. A natural weight loss supplement that also promotes overall physical, ment ( Full Answer )

What compound is gallium made of?

I posted the gallium wikipedia article in the related links box below. Additional answer Gallium is not a compound. It is an element.

Is gallium a giant molecule?

DO yourself a favour and look the definition of a molecule and get out your handy-dandy version of ptables.com and see if it fits the definition.

Is gallium used in computers?

Yes. Gallium is used as a "dopant", a calculated impurity that turns the silicon that makes up the computer chip from a nonconductor to a semiconductor.

Can gallium be used for jewelry?

Well, you could, but it may not last well, as the melting point for this metal is 29.75 o C. This metal decreases in density as it approaches its freezing point, as does water, and Silicon.

What is gallium arsenide supercomputer?

A supercomputer using gallium arsenide instead of silicon for itssemiconductor components. Gallium arsenide is much faster thansilicon so it helps significantly in getting the performance neededby a supercomputer, but it is much harder to fabricate resulting inan increase in price.

Can you make jewelry using gallium?

Yes you can just use Playdough as a mold than melt your gallium ina cup of warm water(86 degrees Fahrenheit or higher) than pour your gallium in the mold. Wait ahalf hour,than pull your creation out of the mold and done

How is a gallium scan of the body done?

For the study itself the patient lies very still for approximately 30-60 minutes. A camera is moved across the patient's body to detect and capture images of concentrations of the gallium. The camera picks up signals.

Why does gallium melt in your hand?

Gallium melts at about 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature of your hand gets above that all the time.

Is gallium and gallium nitrate the same?

Gallium is the element. It is a low melting silvery soft metal. Gallium nitate is a compound containing gallium, a salt of gallium(III), Ga(NO 3 ) 3

When was gallium discovered and by who?

In 1871, the gallium was dicoversd by a Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, who named it "eka-aluminium" on the basis of its position in his periodic table ..

What is related to gallium?

Gallium is in group13, (group III) it is more similar to indium than it is to the lighter members of the group, boron and aluminium. It forms two ions, Ga + and Ga 3+ like indium.

Where can you buy gallium in Miami?

Ive seen it on non-ebay auction sites such as ebid.net, ecrater, amazon, bluejay, proxibid, etc. Ebay doesnt sell it anymore as it is hazardous.

What is a gallium scan?

A gallium scan of the body is a nuclear medicine test that is conducted using a camera that detects gallium, a form of radionuclide, or radioactive chemical substance.

Is gallium poisonous?

Gallium is an irritant and corrosive. Inhalation, injestion and contact result in damage to the exposed tissues. Chronic inhalation is thought to reduce bone marrow production. Carcinogenic and mutagenic effects are not well investigated at the time of this writing.

What is gallium sulphur?

Gallium and sulfur combine to form two different compounds, gallium(II) sulfide, with the formula GaS, and gallium(III) sulfide, also known as digallium trisulphate, with the formula Ga 2 S 3 . Refer to the Webelements article on gallium in the related link below.

How was gallium obtained?

Gallium is a by-product of aluminium industrial production; for theseparation and purification processes as electrolysis, hydrolysisand zone melting are involved.

What can gallium create?

The chemical element gallium can create gallium compounds. Galliumnitrate is but one. There are many gallium compounds that arecritical to the semiconductor industry, and life as we know itgrinds to a halt without semiconductors.