Where can you buy handsome boy clothing?

"Handsome boy clothing."

1. Handsome as in "finely tailored clothing"?


2. Masculine looking clothing?


3. Clothing to help one feel more handsome?

4. is "Handsome boy" a clothing brand?

Boy meaning the sex (male), or boy (age 7-17ish)?

1. For young boys, Brooks Brothers is a good brand for preppy styling (careful, they cost a pretty penny). Polo Ralph Lauren is very good for the "All American look" as is Tommy Hilfiger. Other designer clothing such as Armani also make nicely tailored boys clothing.

2. Same as 1. but also for the young-adult Abercrombie and Fitch is also extremely masculine. A&F's new concept Ruehl No. 925 is also an option. Designers can sometimes manufacture clothing which is too trendy mimicking that of a high-maintenance princess, so be wary. I've also appreciated Ben Sherman on men, as well as Banana Republic (more so than for women). For those men who feel a little sexy, Guess by Marciano, *wink*

3. Those brands which I named before USUALLY have the characteristics which CAN help one feel more handsome. Honestly, I would start out with personal health and personal care.

Do you take care of your body (eat properly, sleep enough, refrain from smoking, exercise enough, etc)?

Do you practice acceptable grooming habits (regular hair cuts, skin care...yes good skin care even for you straight men out there, shave, oral care, short and clean nails). If you do so, then you're heads above many.

I'm not trying to sound like some "know-it-all" like some in those men's magazines, but rather a rational and realistic person. Once you've acheived good personal habits, the next thing is dress.

The same advice I give to women. I don't give a hoot what the trends are, wear whatever is MOST FLATTERING TO YOUR BODY. Let's be honest, if you don't have some nice guns to show off, muscle T's will look ridiculous. Tight clothing on a kegger-belly is no more flattering than a tube top on a large person with more jelly rolls than the local bakery. If height is an issue, vertical lines help elongate the silhouette. Those fella's who are (5 10"-6'), well everything is made for you guys. The great thing about being a guy is the style choices are a lot more universal than women's styles. Party on.

4. Never heard of it.