Where can you buy healthy foods?

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You can buy healthy food at almost any grocery store, but you have to be choosy and should avoid processed foods. Almost all grocery stores today have at least some organic fruits and vegetables in the produce section, which are good, healthy choices. Many have organic cow's milk and most have alternate types of milk which many people believe are healthier than cow's milk. Some choices are almond milk, coconut milk and rice milk. Soy milk is available in most grocery stores, but unless it is organic, it will likely contain GMOs, which have not been proven to be healthy. Stores may also have health food sections, but it is wise to read the ingredients on the packages. You should also be aware that "natural" on labels does not mean healthy or organic. In fact, "natural" is not defined and can mean almost anything. When shopping for meat, the healthy ones should be labeled "grass fed" or "free range." Otherwise, they are likely to be raised in factory farms where they were given hormones and antibiotics.

For better choices of healthy foods, you can shop at health food stores or look for sites that sell organic foods online. It is a good practice to read the ingredients on labels in any store you buy food at, even at health food stores.

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Q: Where can you buy healthy foods?
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