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Where can you buy lindt chocolat?

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Wal-Mart, World Market, or on Lindt's website online.

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Where did lindt originate from?

Lindt originated in Switserland.

Who makes lindt lindor truffles?

The company Lindt makes Lindt Lindor Truffles. they r yummy hehe

When was Colleen Lindt born?

Colleen Lindt was born in 1984

How tall is Colleen Lindt?

Colleen Lindt is 5' 4".

Does chocolat axe smell like chocolat?

I personly beleve that it smells like white chocolat

How many pages does Chocolat have?

Chocolat has 394 pages.

What is Chocolat Frey's population?

The population of Chocolat Frey is 829.

When was Hotel Chocolat created?

Hotel Chocolat was created in 1988.

What was the Production Budget for Chocolat?

The Production Budget for Chocolat was $25,000,000.

How do you say chocolate cake in french?

gâteau au chocolat. I have also seen gâteau du chocolat and gâteau de chocolat.

Where is Raymond tice?

Stratham, NH...he's the CFO of Lindt & Sprungli USA (Lindt Chocolate)

When was the Lindt company founded?

Founded in 1845, Lindt is America's #1 premium chocolate company.

What is the birth name of Irina Lindt?

Irina Lindt's birth name is Irina Viktorovna Lindt.

When was Karl Ludwig Lindt born?

Karl Ludwig Lindt was born on March 20, 1902.

When did Karl Ludwig Lindt die?

Karl Ludwig Lindt died on October 17, 1971.

When was Marga Lindt born?

Marga Lindt was born on November 1, 1888, in Coburg, Germany.

How do you spell chocolate in french?

du chocolat (masc.)chocolate barn barre f de chocolat, barre f au chocolatchocolate biscuitn biscuit m au chocolatchocolate-boxadj (=pretty) trop joli (e)→ ... a village of chocolate-box timbered houses.chocolate brownn chocolat m→ Available in charcoal grey or chocolate brownadj chocolat inv→ The river otter has a chocolate-brown coatchocolate chip cookien biscuit m aux pépites de chocolatchocolate dropn pastille f au chocolatchocolate eclairn éclair m au chocolatdark chocolaten chocolat m noirdessert chocolaten chocolat m à croquerdrinking chocolaten chocolat m en poudrehot chocolaten chocolat m chaudmilk chocolaten chocolat m au laitplain chocolaten chocolat m à croquer

When did Marga Lindt die?

Marga Lindt died on August 27, 1969, in Obermafeld-Grimmenthal, Germany.

Is Lindt chocolate German?

No - it is SwissFor more information about Lindt & Sprüngli, see the related link below

What can you buy in a French bakery?

Croissants, baguettes, pain de mie, madeleines, brioche, pain au chocolat.....

Where did pain au chocolat originate?

pain au chocolat originated in Vienna.

Why do pain au chocolat make you sneeze?

no they dont but pain au chocolat do

Do you like chocolat pudding?

aimez-vous le pudding au chocolat?

Does Marie Brizard chocolat royal creme de chocolat have kosher certification?


How much money did Chocolat gross worldwide?

Chocolat grossed $152,500,343 worldwide.

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