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In this week's Jewel-Osco ad (Chicagoland) there is an ad for Salerno Butter cookies. The ad is 2 fo $8 regular price is 2 for $9.50. I have no idea where they found these cookies. Maybe they came across skids of them in their warehouse. Personally, I'm torn. I miss that great taste but $4 for a 1 lb box is outrageous

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โˆ™ 2009-07-31 12:24:12
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Q: Where can you buy salerno butter cookies?
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What company makes salerno butter cookies?

archway cookies

Where can you get salerno cookies or the recipe for them?

Are salerno butter cookies still made?

Yes, tey are at Jewel Osco

Can you hear the salerno butter cookie jingle?

mommy...what is it dear...I want a salerno butter cookee...

Where can you buy Salerno Jingle cookies?

Salerno renamed them "Santa's favorites". You can find them in any Buffalo area supermarket. Or you can buy them by the case on eBay. They are just as tasty as the original, same recipe!

What are the lyrics to the Salerno butter cookie jingle?

Mommy What is it dear? I want a Salerno Butter Cookie, mommy I heard you dear Salerno cookie coming right up You can lookie, lookie, lookie But you'll never find a cookie With a better butter batter than Salerno Salerno Butter Cookie!

What type of cookies are peanut butter cookies?

Cookies made of peanut-butter.

What city was Salerno butter cookie from?

I'm probably guessing Salerno. I think it's in Italy.

What is the number of calories in Butter cookies?

The number of calories in butter cookies is about 100 for 2 cookies.

Are peanut butter cookies brown?

Yes peanut butter cookies are brown.

Are peanut butter cookies yellow?

Yes peanut butter cookies are yellow.

Why do you need butter to bake cookies?

Butter adds flavor and texture to cookies.

How do you cook cookies on harvest moon?

Buy the kitchen then cook egg,flour and butter.

What is the difference of cookies made with oil and cookies made with butter?

the butter cookies are better for you and they taste better in my opinion

Who has been CEO of Salerno cookies?

Fred G. salerno was the CEO of Salerno. It was his company. His son took over upon Fre's death and when George Salerno died Alice Salerno took over(his sister). The company was thern sold and no longer was in the family.

What company made hippodrome cookies?

Salerno Cookie Company, Chicago, Illinois

Can margarine be a substitute for butter in no bake cookies?

Yes, you can substitute margarine for butter in no bake cookies.

Are chocolate chip cookies more popular than peanut butter cookies?

No. Plus peanut Butter Cookies are way better.

Where did spanish butter cookies come from?

Basically they're cookies made with Spanish butter which is butter made with Spanish olive oil.

How do you make peanut butter and jelly cookies?

Easy, make penut butter, then jelly and cookies. Slap the jelly onto the cookies, thats ur jelly cookies!

Can you use butter instead of vegetable oil in cookies?

Butter is actually better, I think, in biscuits (cookies to you).

Can you make cookies without butter?

Some cookies you can. But if the recipe calls for butter, than you should use it.

What sugar cookies call for butter?

Most. Butter (or other fat) is a major ingredient in most cookies.

What is the recipe for peanut butter cookies?

make normal cookie dough but add in peanut butter in to make it taste of peanut butter cookies!

How much pot butter is used for pot cookies?

The same amount as is used to make regular cookies. What matters is how much marijuana the butter has been cooked in. Not how much butter is in the cookies/brownies.