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Where can you buy schaefer beer in UK?


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You can buy at the


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In certain pubs and restaurants

i wish i could help. I've been looking for schaefer here in Colorado. no dice.

In the UK the expressions such as "I fancy a beer" "Can I buy you a beer" "I'm off out for a beer" etc. All usually mean a pint.

Anheuser Busch has stopped the distribution of Lowenbrau to US and the UK.

If you find let me know. I am also searching

No, Linco Beer Shampoo by Church and Dwight is not still available in the UK so there is nowhere that you can buy it. The product was discontinued after it failed to sell enough to make any profit.

Old Jamaica ginger beer is distributed in the u.s by a few distributors. It is made in the UK and you can get it from Amazon.

you have to be 21 in the US to buy beer you have to be 21 in the US to buy beer

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you can buy icehouse beer at a store that still carries them.

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You can buy it in most beer or most grocery stores that sell beer. Or you can buy it from the supplier.

You can buy Jelen beer if you live in the US by ordering the beer online. You can sometimes purchase the beer in beer specialty stores, but it is not extremely popular.

Many Irish pubs and Irish clubs would have it, so they are the best places to try.

Most likely you can buy them where you buy beer; liquor store or grocery store.

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21 in the US, but other countries have their own Laws. In the UK it is 18, though you can legally drink alcohol (not buy) with a meal in a restaurant from 16

You have to be 16 years old to buy beer in Germany.

you can buy beer anytime in Oklahoma, at least in Wal mart.

You can buy beer anywhere and anytime in Ohio on Sunday. Enjoy!

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