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Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, or Game Stop, as far as I know. Wal-Mart and Target are definitely options on where to buy them.

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How many singstar games are there?

There have been 10 SingStar games released in North America. Games in the series include SingStar Pop, SingStar Amped, and SingStar Country. The last game was released in November 2010.

Can you play Japan playstation2 games on a US playstation2?

Nope. Not by itself. You can buy ActionReplayMAX adn choose the FreeLoader option which will let you play foreign games on your US PS2.

Can you play playstation2 games in a computer?

No you can not, you must buy the PlayStation 2 game system.

Can Playstation2 games work on Wii?


Can you play playstation3 games on playstation2?


Can Xbox games work on PlayStation2?


Can you use ps2 singstar microphones with wii games?


Can you still buy singstar PS2 games?

Yes SingStar Legends is $7.79 at amazon and there are a number of other games for sale and even the Playstation 2 Sing Star Wired Microphones for $13.06 or the 80's bundle for $19.00 with 2 microphones and the POP bundle is $22.98 They even have a PlayStation 2 SingStar Bundle - Ceramic White with the PS2 included in both new and used condition

Can you play GameCube games on a Playstation2?

No toolbag!!

Do playstation2 games work on a Nintendo Wii?


Can a PlayStation2 play PlayStation games?

Yes it can

How do you play playstation1 games on a playstation2?

you cant

How many PlayStation2 games are there?

over 1000

Can the playstation3 play playstation2 games?


Who was the developer of SingStar games for the PS2 systems?

SingStar is a competitive music game for the PS2 games console which was delveloped by a company called London Studio and was then published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Do playstation2 games from the US or Canada play on playstation2 in Europe?

Unless you modded your PS2 they don't, because of the region format.

Can you play PlayStation2 games on XBox 360 Arcade?


Can you play PlayStation games on PlayStation2?

yes u can.

How many games are on the Playstation2?

2400 and still going

How many games are there on playstation2?

over 3500 titles

Can you play playstation2 games on Wii?

No. I've tried (>_<)

Will Playstation2 games and equipment work on the Wii console?


Can you buy rainbow six Vegas for playstation2?

You can get the original but not the 2nd

Can playstation3 basketball games play on playstation2?

No PS3 games do not play on a PS2

How many games games are on the playstation2?

1089-normal 561-platinum games (including Japanese games)

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