Where can you buy stones in Pokemon Ruby?

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you cannot buy stones. you need to dive in routes mid-120'sand find little spots of seaweed. there are random open spots (i.e. hidden shards in the water).if u really have trouble then use an itemfinder. take these shards to the hunter to the northwest mossdeep and he'll trade you shards for corresponding stones. good luck
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In Pokemon Ruby what Pokemon get evolved by stones?

Pokemon requiring a stone to evolve: Eevee - Thunder stone, Jolteon (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby) Eevee- fire stone, Flareon (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby) Eevee- water stone, Vaporeon (you can't find this Pokemon in Ruby) Sunkern- sun stone, Sunflora (you can't find this Poke ( Full Answer )

What do you need the water stone for on Pokemon ruby?

Eevee Evolution You can use it to evolve eevee into vaporeon. That's really optional though. cause you have to trade an eevee into the game. on ruby, you don't really need it though. on sapphire and emerald, its used to evolve lombre to ludicolo.

Where do you get a water stone in Pokemon Ruby?

you can get one in the sunken ship or you can search around the water routes by the shard hunters house and find a blue shard which he'll give you a water stone for. You can find blue shards in the dark patches of water. Use a Pokemon that has the move " Dive " and look in the small dark circles ( Full Answer )

How do you get a water stone in Pokemon Ruby?

A water stone can be found on the abandoned ship, east of Dewford town on route 108. You may also obtain a water stone by trading a blue shard with the diving treasure hunter on route 124. blue shards can be found underwater, using dive, and are also held by 5% of wild clamperl. Clamperl can be en ( Full Answer )

Where do you get a fire stone in Pokemon ruby?

Bring a Pokemon that knows strength to the Fiery Path (located between the sandstorm/desert and Lavaridge Town. Navigate the maze of boulders and at the end you will find a Pokeball that contains a Firestone.

Where to buy Pokemon Ruby?

your best bet would be to buy it at gamestop but ebay, amazon, and craigslist work too

Where do you get a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

To get the leaf stone in Pokémon Ruby you need to first go to thearea of the Weather Institute. Next surf north to the waterfall andyou will find the stone.

Where is mr stone in Pokemon ruby?

you can meet him after you get the devons goods back to the guy then he will bring you to meet mr. stone,the president of Devon coperation.mr stone will ask you a favour and give you a pokenav too

Were do you get a Thunder Stone in Pokemon Ruby?

The only way you can get a Thunderstone in Pokemon Ruby is by finding a Yellow Shard and trading it for a Thunderstone in the Hunter's houe, just off Mosdeep city. These shards are found when searching the ocean floor with a Pokemon who knows Dive. Of course, you can get a friend to attach a Thunder ( Full Answer )

Where are stones in Pokemon Ruby?

To get stones in Pokemon ruby you have to go to the shard hunter (surf left from Mossdeep). He will trade you stones for shards. You have to find shards by diving in the waters around route 124 (right around his house). You can use your itemfinder to find them, but they're usually just in the spots ( Full Answer )

How do you get the ruby stone in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The ruby is only available once you have become a pokemon champion. Once that is completed you need to go to One Island you can get there by showing the Tri-Pass to the sailor who let you on the SS Anne in vermilion city if you don't have the Tri-Pass you need to go to Cinnibar Island and head insid ( Full Answer )

How do you get leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

it is right at the bottom of the desert near lavaridge you will need 4 badges to get in the desert and you can evolve gloom into vileplume he is awesome

How do you get rare stones on Pokemon ruby?

sun stone: talk to a sailor in mossdeep city's space center moon stone: meteor falls fire stone: trade a red shard with the treasure hunter leaf stone: trade a green shard with the treasure hunter water stone: trade a blue shard with the treasure hunter thunder stone: trade a yellow shard ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon evolve from what stones in ruby?

Moon Stone = Skitty to Delcatty , Jigglypuff to Wigglytuff, Eevee to Espeon Leaf Stone = Lombre to Ludicolo, Gloom to Vileploom Sun Stone = Vileploom to Belosom, Sunkern to Sunflora Fire Stone = Vulpix to Ninetales Water Stone = Eevee to Vaporeon Thunder Stone = Pikachu to Raichu

How do you get a dawn stone in Pokemon ruby?

The Dawn stone is a generation 4 item, which means it will only be available in gen. 4 games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver. Ruby is a gen. 3 game, so Dawn stones didn't exist yet when they made the Ruby version.

Were can you get a water stone on Pokemon Ruby?

frist you need to win the leader of Mosdeep,then go to Steven house that near the Mosdeep Pokemon centre to get the hm DIVE from him .Dive to the deep sea route on he way to Mossdeep.Find some where and you will see a thing that call blue shard.Go to the house in the sea route area (you can find it ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy Pokemon ruby?

Go to a GameStop near you and see if they have an used copy in stock. You may also want to try Ebay and other resale sites online.

How do you get more stones in Pokemon Ruby?

near mossdeep city, there is a guy gathering shards. n for each colour shards u find, u will be given a fire stone thunder stone leaf stone water stone depending on wat shard u trade wif him.

Where to find Leaf Stone in Pokemon ruby?

To get the Leaf Stone you have to go to the river on 119 near the Weather Institute. Surf down and you will find a pokeball. Pick it up and it will be a leafstone.

Where can you buy plants in Pokemon ruby?

At the flower shop south of rustburo city. go over the decking and turn left and go forwards past the forest entrance there will be a building at the top of the screen. that is the shop

How do you get a deepsea stone in Pokemon Ruby?

deepseatooth and deepseascale are the items your talking about and to get them do the following: Find and explore the abandoned ship and look for a scanner when you get it deliver to captain stern in slateport city(near the SS tidal) and he will let you choose either the tooth or scale choose wisely ( Full Answer )

In Pokemon Ruby how do you get stones?

If you mean evolution stones, such as moon stone, fire stone, etc, then you can get through two methods: 1. You find it. (In pokeballs or random places.) 2. You can go to "Hunter's House" which is left of Mossdeep City. Just go to the far left of Mossdeep and surf northwest. You'll see this is ( Full Answer )

Where do you buy the desks on Pokemon Ruby?

You go to Fortree city, and then go into one of the tree houses (keep going until you find the one with two people in desks) and then buy one.

Where can you get a lava stone in Pokemon Ruby?

Well, mate. There's no Lava Stone. I wasn't sure, so I checked. There isn't one. But here's the locations for a Fire Stone or a Sun Stone. Fire Stone --- There's one in the Fiery Pass. You need Strength to get to it. Sun Stone --- You can get one really easy at the Space Center in Mossdeep Cit ( Full Answer )

What can you get a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

There are a few different ways to acquire a Leaf Stone in the Generation lll games. The easiest way is to search Underwater for Green Shards, then trade them with the shard collector outside of Mossdeep City. But, I know the location of one Leaf Stone. On Route 119, right before you get to Fortre ( Full Answer )

Where can you turn in red stones on Pokemon ruby?

There is a hunter west of Mossdeep city that will take special shards like the red shard trade your shard for a evolutionary stone so the red shard will give you a fire stone.

Where can you buy shards in Pokemon ruby?

They can't be bought. You can find them underwater, or attached to wild pokemon. Chinchou have yellow shards, Clamperl have blue shards, Relicanth have green shards and Corsola have red shards.

How many fire stones are in Pokemon ruby?

There's a guaranteed Fire Stone in Fiery Path and a guaranteed RedShard on one of the water routes (124? 126?) that you must divefor. For more, use Thief on wild Corsola to get more Red Shards(5%chance improves if Nincada is in front, but only in Emerald).

Can you buy peck in Pokemon ruby?

No. There is no Peck TM, nor do any of the move tutors teach it. Due to this, the only pokemon who can have it, will learn it naturally by levelling up, with the exception of Seel and Togepi which can learn it as an egg move.

Where can a person buy Pokemon Ruby?

One can buy Pokemon Ruby online from Amazon, eBay. Offline, you can purchase it from Best Buy, Staples, Canadian Tire, The Bay and Sears. Kijiji also will have this type of item on sale.