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My opinion is the team's shop itself if you want authentic, true clothes without the thought of being deceived. For instance, if you wanted a Sacramento Kings jersey, just go to the website called You can also try NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and MLS (with the ".com" at the end).

You can find it on ebay, Champs and the site for the league which the team is in such as the NFL or NBA

You can also try places like Modell's Sporting Goods. I believe the website is called Modells. They always have awesome prices for everything. The website called CAFEPRESS is an AWESOME site for any type of clothing with logos; no matter what your cause. They have team logos, presidential, green earth, etc. Check it out and see what you find. Teamsportswear! You can cutomize it yourself! hsn has genuine team apparel for men and women. Also wall hangings and stadium blanketsFor playoffs and championships, winning teams items are generally available in 1 or 2 hrs post-game for ordering. View the related links below for more sites.

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Q: Where can you buy team-logo clothing online?
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