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Where can you buy the TM Dig when you lost the one you found in a Cave?

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First you get a trapinch and raise it until it is ready to evolve into vibrava but dont let it by pressing the B button. raise it a few more levels and it will learn dig.

2006-07-27 12:05:22
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Can you buy dig in Pokemon Emerald?

no .but just after fallabor town there is a house enter it the house has a hole behind talk to the small guy standing next to the cave sort of thing .he will give you dig

Where do you get TM dig in hg ss?

TM28 Dig is found in the National Park, or you can buy it in the Celadon /Goldenrod Department Store for 2000 Poke.

Where can you buy dig on Pokemon sapphire?

you don't buy it you go to the digger guys little brother and he will give you dig

Can you buy the TM dig?

no you cant

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A link cable can be found in wish cave after having the wish stone on 50F, or more commonly found in Solar cave, if you already have the locked items. A link cable will be in its place.

Where do you buy TM dig?

In Pokémon Emerald version you do not buy the TM dig. Instead you get it by talking to the Fossil Maniac.

Can you buy the TM dig in Pokemon Emerald?


Can pikachu learn dig in Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Pikachu is able to learn Dig. It can learn Dig through the use of the Dig TM, which you can buy at the Cerulean City Poke Mart.

How do you get the move dig on Pokemon diamond?

you can buy it in veilstone

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Pokemon plainum were to buy fossils?

Sorry, but you can't buy fossils. You have to dig them up.

Where do you find TM28 in Pokemon SoulSilver?

TM28 is Dig and can be found in two locations: the National Park or the Celadon City Department Store where you can buy it for 2,000 Pokédollars.

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You Don't buy it. its free ware so you can download it.

How can you get diamonds?

You can buy them, find them in natural places, or dig them up.

What does the move dig do in Pokemon diamond?

you buy it at the pokeman center.

Where do you buy everstones in pokemon sapphire?

You cannot buy them, however you can get them in granite cave.

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Pokemon emerald what to do if you loose dig?

Buy the TM Dig or catch any Pokemon that already knows it. A common one is Diglett.

Can you buy a TM dig in Pokemon ruby?

you can't buy it,but you can get it in fallarbor town in one of the houses with tunnels

How do you get more than one cave in DragonVale?

You can buy epic breeding island but you can't get another cave

How do you get dig in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Buy it at the celeadon department store.

Where do you get dig in HG SS?

TM28 Dig is located in the National Park, or you can just buy it in the Celadon City Department Store for 2000 PokeDollars.