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Where can you buy the film 'Deceptions' starring Stephanie Powers?

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Go here.. if this link doesn't work at least try to go to

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What is the name of the film starring Stephanie Powers as a twin who takes on her sister's identity?


Where do you find the movie deceptions featuring Stephanie powers and barry bostwick?

The movie "Deceptions" with Stephanie Powers and Barry Bostwick can be found in classic film stores. It may also be found at the bargain counter of big box stores like Walmart.

Stephanie powers played the part of a twin sister and adopted the sisters identity what is the film called?

The movie is called Deceptions. See related links for more details.

In which film does Stefanie Powers play twin sisters?

In "Deceptions" Stefanie Powers (b. November 2, 1942) plays twin sisters.The film is a made-for-TV movie that was released on May 27, 1985. Powers plays Sabrina Longworth and Stephanie Roberts, identical twins who meet for a birthday celebration in Venice. They decide to switch places. Sabrina decides to go back to Stephanie's husband and family, and Stephanie tries out Sabrina's jetsetter life in Europe.

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What was the film and soundtrack where Stephanie Powers played the part of a twin and adopted the sisters identity when the other twin died?


What is the title music for the film deceptions?

I'm so excited by the Pointer sisters

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A film set in Venice with twin sisters one is murdered in a boat explosion the other takes her place as a housewife?

Deceptions (1985)

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