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It can be derived from batteries containing the chemical
but sale of the pure product itself is restricted
anyone without a commercial license would only really be buying it too produce methamphetamine. Too my knowledge its hard to obtain because of this.

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Give equations for the reacting of salicylic acid with Thionyl chloride?

salicylic acid + Thionyl chloride---------> salicylic chloride + SO2 + HCl

Will salicylic acid react with thionyl chloride to give salicylic chloride?

salicylic acid can react with thionyl chloride in presence of DMF using benzene as a solvent .Generally carboxylic group has a tendancy to react with thionyl chloride and give acid chloride. ----- US2899458. Pure acid chloride can be obtained from salicylic acid with thionyl chloride in presence of catalytic amounts of pyridine in pentane-hexane solvent, at 30 dec C.

What is the role of thionyl chloride in rection of methanol with L-serine?

The Carboxylic Acid group of the serine reacts with the thionyl chloride to give the Acid Chloride derivative which then reacts with the methanol.

What is VSPR shape of Thionyl chloride?

SOCl2 structure

What are the names for SOCl2 SO2Cl2 and SCl2?

the name of socl2 is thionyl chloride

What is the product of butanol plus thionyl chloride?

Chlorobutane, hydrochloric acid, and sulphur dioxide.

Will thionyl chloride react with formic acid?

SOCl2 + HCOOH => SO2 + HCl + CO

What noble gas has the same ground state electron configuration as the chlorine in thionyl chloride?


What noble gas has the same ground state electron configuration as the oxygen in thionyl chloride?


Chemical reaction for the synthesis of benzocaine?

Esterification of respective aminobenzoic acid with HCl, thionyl chloride or TMS chloride yields benzocaine hydrochloride

How can you convert acetic acid into propanoic acid?

Reduce to alcohol, then Thionyl Chloride will convert it to Ethyl chloride and then add Potassium Cyanide and Hydrolyse in acidic medium

Why thionyl chloride is used instead of phosphorus pentachloride in chlorination of alcohol?

The products of this process are gaseous (HCl and SO2), which simplifies the purification.

What is the electron pair geometry of SOCl2?

Thionyl chloride ha a pyramidal structure and a tetrahedral electron geometry with one lone pair.

What has the author Thomas Irvin Evans written?

Thomas Irvin Evans has written: 'A mathematical model of a lithium thionyl chloride primary cell' -- subject(s): Lithium chloride, Mathematical models, Electrolytic cells

Is there an alternative for nitric acid using aqua regia?

Yes, instead of aqua regia you can use the mixture of thionyl chloride (SOCl2) and the organic solvent pyridine.

What has the author Tim G Saunders written?

Tim G. Saunders has written: 'The performance evaluation of lithium thionyl chloride batteries for long-life meter applications'

Can you buy sodium chloride at Walmart in ConwayArkansas?

You can buy sodium chloride in any Wallmart store around the world.

Where can buy ferric chloride in srilanka?

In Pettah!

What can sodium chloride be obtained from?

Sodium chloride is what we call table salt. You can buy in any grocery store.

Can you buy Potassium Chloride powder and cap it yourself?


What is the hybridization of the central atom in SeOBr2?

The structure of thi s is assumed to be like thionyl chloride, trigonal pyramidal with the lone pair in one of the "tetrahedral" positions. The central Se would be sp3 hybridised with the d orbital forming the pi bond to the oxygen.

Where can you get cobalt chloride paper?

You can buy it online at Ebay and Amazon

Where can you buy magnesium chloride powder?

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Where can you buy sodium chloride?

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How dipole moment of chlorobenzene lower than that of cyclohexyl chloride?

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