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Q: Where can you dispose of half full paint tins?
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Why can you not recycle paint tins?

actually you can, but the paint must first be removedliquid paint is typically hazardous waste, because of the solvents

A vat of paint at a factory holds 84 gallonsthe panit is begging poured into tins that hold 384 fluid ounces eachhow many tins can you fill with 1 vat of paint?

6t5t6y567y5 7d5

How much are 9 tins of paint at 7.35 each?


How many cans of paint are needed to cover an area of 2200 square unit if one can of paint covers an area of 400 square unit?

2200 square units ÷ 400 square units/tin = 5 1/2 tins. If you had no paint, as you cannot buy 1/2 a tin, you would need to buy 6 tins.

Detailed essay about pollution abatement and their types with pictures?

it is because of not proper recycle of plastics , tins etc . if we happen to dispose the waste properly we can prevent from land pollution

What is the collective nouns for tins?

A collective noun for tins is a case of tins.

How much does a full dulux jelly bean tin weigh?

3.8kg - now however they don't do full tins - they do 1kg bags with a dog "Jelly Beans and Me"

Can you put cupcakes in a pan to cook without using Paper tins?

You probably will need to grease, butter & flour, or spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray if you do not use the paper tins. Otherwise, the cupcakes are much more likely to stick or to burn.

What is a four letter word for tins?

'Cans' is another word for 'tins'.

Can you use pie tins instead of cake tins?

yes, i dont think it makes much of a difference. so pie tins will be alright.

Where can you find Morton's potato chip tins?

I have seen the tins on E-Bay!

If there is one tin of blue for every four tins of red What is the ratio of red tins to blue?

4 Red Tins For Every 1 Blue Tin