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Try these sites: * * They appear to have links to all sorts of songs from a wide variety of television commercials. Remember to check the legality of downloading from these sources.

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Q: Where can you download Cingular commercials?
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Where can you download the Cingular commercial that features the song 'Hanging on the Telephone' by Cat Power?

you can see it here: it can be downloaded from youtube - just do a search for cingular commercials

Who is the cute brunette girl in the Cingular commercials?

The brunette actress in the Cingular commercials is Milana Vayntrub. She began her acting career in 1995 appearing in the television show, ER.

Who does the voice overs for the Cingular Family talk commercials?

stanly tucci

Who does the voice over for the Singulair commercials?

Daniel Stern However, if you are referring to Cingular-AT&T Cell phone commercials, then Stanley Tucci does the voice overs.

Is the guy in the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper commercial the same as the guy in the Cingular commercial who waits for the girl to call him?

Dr. Pepper and Cingular CommercialsNot the same guy. no

Who sings the song 'It Don't Matter' in the Cingular commercials?

It Don't MatterPhil Collins has a song called "It Don't Matter." But I've heard that clip on the Cingular commercials & I believe that the Artist's are the group "Bread." The song is "It Don't Matter To Me"by David Gates & Bread. Check it out & see.

What is the name of the song in the new Cingular phone commercial?

"The Weight" by The Band... you can't download it from any gnutella network, but you can hear it/watch it on the Cingular site.

Who is the voice in the ATT commercials?

The person who does the voice over in Cingular/AT&T commercials is Stanley Tucci. However, the persons who provide the voices in the ginger bread house commercial are Steve Buscemi & Norm McDonald.

Where can you download commercials off the Internet?

YouTube would be my best answer. Using Internet Explorer use RealPlayer to download any Commercials you can find.

On the Cingular commercial with a guy dancing on a train and then a girl looks at him and takes a picture of him and then he asks her to go dancing what is the song playing?

Try this site for song commercial names and artists: Cingular has several commercials and songs out now.

Who voices the new ATT commercials?

The person who does the voice over in Cingular/AT&T commercials is Stanley Tucci. However, the persons who provide the voices in the ginger bread house commercial are Steve Buscemi & Norm McDonald.

Who does the voice over in the Cingular commercials?

If you're talking about the gingerbread commercial, it's Steve Buscemi (of indie movie fame) and Norm McDonald (stand-up comedian and alumnus of Saturday Night Live). It's an ad for "Go Phone" by AT&T, formerly known as Cingular. If you mean "the more bars, in more places" series of Cingular Wireless commercials, with a single voice, it is stage and screen actor Stanley Tucci. I asked the company media group.

What is the song in the Cingular commercial advertising the new Blackberry Curve?

There are two different songs written for two different commercials for the Blackberry Curve. One is Jique written by The Brazillian Girls, and the other was (reportedly) written specifically for the commercial, so it may not be available to download.

Where can I find the Cingular commercial in which a man is dancing to Peter and the Wolf It's from sometime around 2001.?


Where can you download the free credit report dot com commercials?

go to search for the commercials then download them. RealPlayer 11 works at free credit

How much does Cingular wireless internet cost?

Cingular wireless is a company that is now incorporated in to AT&T. These internet range from $41 all the way to $66. This varierty is affected through download speeds going from 3 to 24.

Is there a helio in cingular?

No Helio is CDMA & Cingular is GSM

Cingular phones with keyboards?

cingular phones with qwerty keyboards are cingular 8125,cingular 8525, nokia E62,nokia f9200,nokia 6822,some other blackberrys

Is the blackberry pearl cingular or ATT?

Both, AT&T bought out Cingular.

What is a non cingular SIM card?

non cingular sim card

What exactly is a cingular cellphone?

A Cingular cellphone is a phone that is tailored or made specifically for the Cingular cellphone network. Cingular at the time had a GSM network that used a specific cellphone band to make and receive calls.

Why are so many questions on WikiAnswers related to commercials?

* Inquiring minds want to know. * Recent Cingular, Telus and Fruit of the Loom commercials are really, really good. They peak people's interest, stay on the top of their minds and cause them to want to know more. Basically, they're effective. These are the types of commercials that get discussed at work, at parties and so on. Some have great tunes, jingles and/or attractive actors. WikiAnswers is a great place to have all your questions answered. This includes questions about commercials such as "Who sings the song 'You Can't Over Love Your Underwear' heard in the Fruit of the Loom commercial" or "Who is the girl holding the clear umbrella in the recent Cingular TV ad?"

Where can you download the Nokia N series theme song used in their commercials?

What does Cingular mean?

Cingular is the name of a mobile phone company. It is AT&T Mobility and was formerly called Cingular Wireless. They provide wireless service to subscribers.

What is the dance song with the sweet beat in the very new Cingular commercials that addvertise their new super small sleek camera phones?

helllp!/? with that new cingular commerci don't know either! but it sounds like new order or joy division...right?i know the lyrics... I'm the type of guy who likes to or something like that?