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Search for "Create & Share" at the Intel website if you have Windows 98/SE. If you have Windows 2000/XP, you have to buy and install the Upgrade CD from after downloading the Win98 version. Good luck

2006-09-22 14:21:00
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Q: Where can you download Intel's Create and Share software for webcams?
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What are Intels specification numbers called?

sSpec number

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Which are the processors having intels nehalem technology?

Any Core i7 processor

Does all softwares work well with other processors besides Intels?

Yes, most software wil work well with processors other than Intel's. The advantage in one brand compared to another or in one chip compared to another isn't so much the way specific pieces of software work well or don't work well with it but instead how the entire experience with all software is better or worse, faster or slower.

How do you activate enemy intels on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360?

You go towards it and Hold X

Why is there enemy intelligence on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

go on youtube type call of duty modern warfare 2 enemy intels

How do you use cheats on call of duty 4 modern warfare?

First you have to beat the game. Then the cheats you unlock depend on how many intels you've gotten.

How do you get to use the Intels for cod mw 2 for xbox 360?

you don't use the Intel for a specific purpose. if you collect half of the Intel in the game you will get an achievement. if you collect all of the Intel you get another achievement.

What is the most common CPU in the US?

Assuming your talking about PC CPUs. Processors bassed on Intels x86 standard are the most popular CPU in the world. Keep in mind popularity does not denote superiority.

What doese Intels do for black ops?

You get an achievement, and you also can read the intel next to each mission, they're the papers that you normally see that have been blacked out. The achievement trophy you get for this accomplishment is nice to have also.

When was the first dell computer created?

according to it was 1085 "1984 Michael dell founds dell computers. 1985 dell releases the turbo, an 8mhz computer based on intels 8088 processor"

Which is better Intel core2 to dueo or AMD phnom X3 triple core?

This depends. There are different types of Intel core 2 duo processors and AMD phenom X3 processors. Intels generally run cooler, but they are expensive and suspectible to hardware failure when you overclock them. AMD processors run hot but will keep running until the computers shuts it down. They are often cheaper than intels and better value. Currently, Intel is leading the way in processor technology. Its a preference and there are trade-offs

Which is the best processor for database management?

really intels line of quad cores are good. the best will always be i7 extreams but for database management it is best to have multiple processors. The database i manage and built has 4 quad cores.

What is the difference between socket 771 and LGA771?

It's the same thing, actually, LGA 771 is the same as socket J, socket 771 is just how it's commonly called, it's the server version of intels LGA 775

What happens when you collect of of the Intel in modern warfare 2?

There are 45 Intel Locations in total for the enemy laptops, which will get you two Achievements or Trophies for collecting them all. 1. The "Road Less Traveled" achievement for 22 Intels found (for 10G). 2. The "Leave No Stone Unturned" achievement for finding all 45 Intels (for 10G). Read more:

Why have computers continued to grow in speed and capacity?

The answer is very simple. More people are relying on computers to store there data. Relying on them for tasks that need more speed and storage. Also, software requires more space and speed. Windows 95 was shipped on 20 floppy disks. Also, Apple just upgraded there whole line of computers to 1GB RAM, faster, 2 GHz intels, and bigger hard disks. I think this is because OSX.5 is coming out. So, there you go. Software is improving and needing more disk space and faster computers and People's growing music and videos collections.

What are the pros and cons of AMD vs Intel for a network with 75 computers?

That depends on what family of PROCESSOR you are going to use to construct the NETWORK .... It does not matter whether U have a network of 75 computers or 10 computers .... All that matters is What type of a Procssor and with what SPEED (GHz) machine is and What CACHE Memory that processor has along with the support for RAM. Bigger the CACHE memory and GHz speed of CPU the BETTER is the Machine .... AMDs have made significant changes in recent years and are used for top notch servers ... there have been lot of discussion on the net, as AMDs seems to make noise, but recently they have made great changes to reduce that and works fine. Look for 64 Bit Processors .... INTELs Xeon 64 Bits are also very powerful ... I can not tell you exactly the pros and cons of AMDs vs INTELs which you can easily find on GOOGLE ... All I want to say is IT ALL DEPENDS on Your USE of that 75 Computers ! 10 INTELs can beat 75 AMDs and vice versa ....

What is the clocking speed of an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor?

The clocking speed of an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor is 2.4 Ghz. Clock speed refers to how quickly a processor can do a task. More information on all of Intels processors can be found on their website.

How do you complete a 100 percent in single mode in modern welfare. you already completed all the missions and collected all the 45 intels?

You have to beat every mission on vertren mode to get 100% single player completion, my suggestion is to take large amounts of cover and throw lots o' grenades.

How do you get 100 percent in call of duty modern warfare 2?

To finish the campaign 100 percent on modern warfare 2, you have to finish the game on veteran, and collect all the intels. To finish it 100% on multiplayer, you have to get to rank 70, the very last rank. And in the Spec Ops mode, you have to finsih every mission, 3 stars each.

Why do Amd processors run hotter than Intels processors?

Typically AMD processors are known to run much cooler than Intel processors. The reason for this is based on the processing architecture of the processor. AMD processors are typically much more efficient with respect to performance per watt than Intel processors, and therefore typically are much cooler.

What do the intels in mw2 do?

If you get all the Intel in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, nothing happens. However, you can gain achievements for collecting them. Joshua's Improved Answer: Actually the enemy Intel you collect earns you cheats for single player campaign but first you need to finish the Campaign first to use the cheats. P.s. I sometimes misspell Warfare from Warefare also.

Can you cheat on call of duty modern warfare reflex?

Yes you can cheat, but, you need to play the game to get cheats. You must find these Intels in the levels. To find them you can get Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition strategy guide. Here are some cool cheats you can have: Infinite Ammo, If you throw a grenade it blows up and 5 or 4 more come out, You can shoot paintballs, and you can do slow-motion.