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Is the downloading of Naruto illegal?

Answer . yes its copyrighted unless that website payed naruto's owners to then download it.. Some websites have naruto up for download without having problems with piracy. Whether it's because they payed the owners or not is unknown.

Where can you download Naruto Episodes?

Either download the episodes, or watch them online for free! Just go to Animefreak.tv! They even have movies of what I'm pretty sure of! :D

Where can I download Naruto Shippuden movies?

Instead of downloading, visit animefreak.tv It is an excellent website where you can watch all anime shows and movies, and you can also watch Naruto Shippuden Episodes and Naruto Shippuden Movies :)

Where you can download naruto Shippuden movie 4?

You can download uTorrent and go to youtube and look for tutorials on how to use it. After that go to btjunkie.org, the best torrent site online then there look for the title and if you're lucky you might even get a hd version of the movie. It's pretty simple to use it.

How do you download Naruto?

Answer . Easy. Go to www. naruto. com and it will let you download all kinds. of naruto stuff and more.. Answer . Easy. Go to www. naruto. com and it will let you download all kinds. of naruto stuff and more.

How do you download naruto-arena?

You don't download it you just go to naruto-arena.com and you create an account.. And you start playing.

Where to download naruto episode?

http://www.omgh.moopets.net/ go to Anime / Anime Download Section / English Dubbed Section/ Naruto MP4 For Mobile Phones/PSP REGISTER AT http://www.omgh.moopets.net/ FOR MORE ANIMES. Go on this site :http://www.animecrazy.net/forums/anime-downloads/43514-mu-naruto-eng-dub-mp4.ht ( Full Answer )

Where can you download naruto manga?

There many places you can get naruto manga from. If you only interested in reading it go to this following webpages: 1. Mangafox.com 2.Onemanga.com 3.Narutocentral.com ( you can watch the anime here too) 4. Mangavolume.com If you want to download it you can try Narutocentral.com or torr ( Full Answer )

Where can you download Naruto Path of the Ninja?

Just try to search on www. rom - freaks .net ... you will surely find there! Actually, if you go there, you have to click on the open circle but it doesn't work so don't go there

Where can you download Naruto mugen 2?

Softonic provide a safe download with reviews from users aboutNaruto Mugen 2. Checking fan forums like NaurutoBase forinformation on troubleshooting installations.

Where can you download Naruto Shippuden the movie?

You can download it on either narutoget.com or narutospot.com. You can also watch the latest Naruto Shippuden episodes and read the latest manga chapters, not just Naruto , but all kinds of manga like One Piece and Bleach ! So I strongly recommend those two sites.

How can you download Naruto?

omgh.moopets.net go to Anime / Anime Download Section / English Dubbed Section/ Naruto MP4 For Mobile Phones/PSP REGISTER AT OMGH.MOOPETS.NET FOR MORE ANIMES. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_can_I_download_Naruto_episodes#ixzz1NxZ72QbA

Where can you download Naruto the movie 2?

GeekIsLuv says: . If you don't have high-speed internet, you might as well stop reading. . I'm going to assume you've never heard of torrents. A torrent is a program that allows you to download something through different people (try asking 'What is a torrent' or researching it on Wikipedia or som ( Full Answer )

Where can you download Naruto mugen style?

Go to Esnipe.com at the right hand corner you will see a search box type in naruto demon fox mugen and scroll downn till you see narutomugen.war click download.You need winrar to play it..

How do you download Naruto arena?

You don't download Naruto-Arena - it's an online game. All you have to do is register online and you have access to the game.

Where can you download naruto Shippuden episode 70?

It will come out on 7 August, you can watch it on-line at getnaruto.com or dailymotion.com. endlessmoon: . the best naruto website is www.divxnaruto.com it is new. u have to download divx web player in here . http://download.divx.com/divx/DivXInstaller.exe . after that u can watch it onlin ( Full Answer )

Where to download Naruto?

you mean anime episodes? http://www.narutoget.com/page/3-downloads/ you can watch it online on this web as well

Where can you download Naruto maker for free?

well you can always go to google and type the question there and then you find all programs of it to download naruto maker for free hope i answer your question well bye . Gaara-Sama130!!!

Where can you download naruto in an mp4 format?

--Cucusoft Ultimate Converter Suite-- Cucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite converts DVD's and videos to play on almost any portable device including iPod, iPod touch, iPod video nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket P.C., etc. Meanwhile, ( Full Answer )

Where can you download Naruto English Dub online?

If you want to download them try veoh.com but if you just want to watch them you can get them on myspace from lee.. Don't worry about Veoh. Direct Streaming and Downloads here: http://www.animepalm.com/category/naruto/

Where can you download naruto free?

You can watch Naruto free at www.Narutoget.com and download them, as well as shippuden. ive only watched them in japanese with english subtitles, i dont know if narutoget has episodes in english dub. (They say they do but i dont know how to watch them) some advice: watch in japanese with english sub ( Full Answer )

Where can you download Naruto opening videos?

Google "Youtube Downloader" and download it (try cnet.com) . Then pull up youtube in your internet browser . Search for Naurto Openings or Naruto Op . Then follow the directions on how to use the youtube downloader

Where can you download full seasons of Naruto Shippduen?

i use a program called vuze, you can download pretty much anything off it, but when you use it make sure you read the comments other people have left on the download cause other wise it could be a bad copy or a virus, hope this helps

Where do you download Naruto English dub?

I suggest Nyaa.eu or Tokyotosho for the latest releases and Bakabt or Animebyt for whole seasons. You can get it on iTunes. That's all I know. Try this link : http://www.narutoget.com/

Where can you download naruto ultimate tenkaichi?

If you mean "DBZ" ultimate Tenkaichi... then it's not available for download. Buy it in a store. If you mean "NARUTO" Storm 2/Generations, buy it in a store or rent it. Neither are available for free download cause they're all still kinda new.

Where can you download Naruto Shippuden English Dubbed?

Here are several website where you can watch the latest episodes and possibly download them. The reason why I am not certain that you can download it, its because I always steam the shows, but i can recall that you can download depending on which mirror you are using. Narutowire.com Animecrazy.net

Where can one download Naruto Wallpaper?

There is an image gallery online that has over one thousand images of Wallpaper. This service is for free. The website to download Naruto wallpaper is Naruto-Wallpaper. They also have some screen savers to download also.