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Where can you download Randy Orton entrance song?


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Itunes. Its called voices.

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the new entrance song for randy orton is 'i hear voices'

voices in my head by rev theory

It is called "Voices" by Rev Theory.

Randy Orton's earliest theme song was the same as evolution's theme song.Then after breaking up from evolution his entrance music changed to "Burn in my Light". Now the latest theme song of Randy Orton is "Voices". You can download these entrance musics for free from www.wwearena.com/3649/.

Try a music downloading website that is to do with wrestling themes.

go on youtube and type down "randy ortons old and first enterance song" and i promise it will come up.

Well Randy Orton had the entrance song "Burn In My Light" by Mercy Drive but now uses the song "Voices" by Rev Theory

Mercy Drive, if you're talking about Burn In My Light. Killswitch Engage, if you're talking about CM Punk's current entrance song.

Randy ortons song is called voices

they talk to me Randy Orton dosent enter to papa roach.He enters to Rev Theroy and its called"voices".

Randy Orton's new song is called Voices by Rev Theory.

Rev Theory sings Randy Orton's theme song Voices.

This is a question most randy orton fans like myself ask. The name of the song is Voices by Rev Theory Song:Voices Artist:Rev Theory

His theme song is sung by Rev Theory

randy orton of corse Feb 2009 Orton does not sing his theme song! Voices is sung by Rich Luzzi! R-Truth sings his theme song (he also wrote it) and Shawn Michaels sings his theme song (written by Jimmy Hart)

Randy Orton's entrance theme song is Voices by Rev Theory.

The only way would be to purchase the WWE Official CD. You could download this from a P2P programme, although you should abide by International Copyright Laws.

It's called "Voices" By Rev-Theory.

No.It was song by rev theory

Randy Orton is a professional wrestler that was born on December 23, 1964. The rock band that sings his theme song is Rev Theory and the name of the theme song is I Hear Voices.

You go to Youtube and type in Randy Orton's Theme song 2010. If you want the lyrics, type in lyrics at the end.

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