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How can you quickly level monsters up in yugioh capsule monster coliseum?

if a monster attacks a symboll in capsule monster coliseum the monster gets 50 XP so if you want to lvl a monster up to lvl 2 just destroy a symbol twice!

Is black luster soldier on Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monster coliseum?


How do you get blue eyes on Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monster coliseum?

You beat seto kaiba

How do you get the dark magician at yu - gi - oh capsule monster coliseum?

beat the 3rd arena and go to Grandpa's shop.

In yu-gi-oh capsule monster coliseum what level do the monsters have to be to fuse?

There are different levels you have to reach for certain monsters to fuse.

In what conditions does zoa evolve in metalzoa an in what level can i achieve it In Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monster coliseum?

You have to have it at level 2 and fuse it with a level 3 steel scorpion

How do you get firewing pegasus in yu-gi-oh capsule monster coliseum?

You need to kill it when you face Shadi for the first time (he doesn't have it during the second battle later on). And, when you defeat him, take it at the end.

How do you get perfectly ultimate great moth in yugioh capsule monster coliseum?

you need to evolve a petit moth or get larvae moth (sorry if that not right name) from weevil and evolve it a couple times (don't know what level)

How do you make gate garidan on Yugioh capsule monster coliseum?

Get Sanga of the thunder, Kazejin, and Suijin all at level 3. then, go into a stage with all three and summon them. When they are all summoned, scroll to one of them and select fusion. Then you will have the mighty Gate Guardian.

How do you get blue eyes ultimate dragon on yu gi oh capsule monster coliseum?

get 3 lvl2 blue-eyes white dragons standing net to each other with a lot of ap to fuse them and the next turn you can select one and hit fusion

How do you beat Marick in yu gi oh capsule monster coliseum?

Use a Lv.9 Feral Imp, Lv.6 Summoned Skull, Lv.5 Kuriboh, Lv.3 Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress #2, and Lv. 3 Flame Manipulator.

Get obelisk the tormentor in Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monster coliseum?

here is how you can get the mighty obelisk the tormentor in yugioh capsule monsters colisuem first finish the whole game and then get all the cards in yugioh you will get slifer the sky dragon when you get slifer go to free battle face kaiba in kind coliseum tower and surrender or win 4 times then go to grandpa and surrender or win five times and go to entrance hall and go to store and it should be there and if you have slifer and obelisk you will automaticaly gain the winged dragon of ra

How do you evolve monsters on Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum?

First of all, not all monsters are capable of evolution. I don't have a list of the monsters that are, as of yet, but when I do I'll update this question. In answer to your question, however, it requires the monster to be at a certain level and on a terrain that benefits its abilities, which, of course, means that you must be in the middle of a battle to evolve a monster. That's all there is to it; when those conditions are met, it will give you the option to evolve it when you check its summary.

Where can you download monster truck nitro full version for free?

You can download Monster Truck Nitro from the site, Mini Clip. En.Softonic is also a good site to download the game from.

Do ryou bakura appears in Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monsters?

In the show? No. He does, however, appear in the game "Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monster Colleseum".

How do you download the Monster Galaxy Hack Tool v2?

just download and type the password

Where to download monster galaxy hack v1.8 hack download for free?

google crome

Where can you download monster rancher for PC?

You have to download PS, PS2 emulator and MR roms to play on PC. My Monster Rancher only runs on Android and IOS.

Are there monster trucks on 1nsane levels?

yes there is but you have to download them

How do you download monster trucks for Rigs of Rods?


What is moshimonster membership generator free to download?

type in free download/moshi/monster/

Is there a yugioh game that uses the same rules as duelist of the roses?

Well i am Sorry dude... Every Game Of Yu-Gi-Oh have Its Own Rules... But Try Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum It is a Little Similar To Yu-Gi-Oh The Duelist Of The Roses And Way Different Than Yu-Gi-Oh Gx....=Hope This Help You...=

Where can you download the skillet song monster to your cell for free?

Type into Google, "monster by skillet for cell phone free"

What are the good website that have monster games on them?, massive no download MapleStory (found at, download game

Monster hunter freedom hacks?

download CwCheat for your PSP

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