Where can you download a repair book on a 1989 xj6 jaguar?

YOU CAN'T - THEY ARE NOT ON LINE. JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE HAS TO DO: Buy a Haynes Repair manual for the car. That $14.00 Book will save you hundreds to thousands. I'm not giving you a fish; I'm teaching you how to fish. As a fellow Jag (V12) owner, this is the best way I can answer your question to help you now, and in the long term. YOU CAN ALSO GET A FACTORY MANUAL ON A CD-ROM. GO TO WWW.COVENTRYWEST.COM AND ASK FOR A SALESMAN. A CHEAP INVESTMENT. I use both, but the Haynes is easier to see and understand. Tell Dick Maury that Marty Roth sent you. He knows everything Jag.

I second his opinion: buy the Haynes Manual! I currently have a 1990 Sovereign and a 1989 Vanden Plas that I use as a parts car, and that Haynes Manual has already saved me well over a thousand dollars in repair costs! A do-it-yourselfer's must!