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No, there is not any cheats in assassins creed / assassins creed II / Assassins creed brotherhood --------------------------------- in brotherhood if you finish a sequence 100% and go back into a memory and go into options, therewill be a cheats menu.

I know you can get it at Gamestop for $100.

Your master assassins can die if you send them on a mission in the Mediterranean game if the odds of success are less than 100%.

Complete all accomplishments as well as completing the game.

Nope. Its 100% local. No online at all.

A platinum trophy. No crossbow or anything, sorry lol.

Yes but only when you replay memories. First you have to get a 100% synch.

Yes. I'm not 100% sure but in Brotherhood you could.

It is the Auditore Cape and I believe it is unlocked by collecting all 100 Feathers.

you can get the aduitore cape after you find all 100 feathers and talk to ezio's mom.

Assassins Creed 1 is 7 memory blocks long whilst ac2 is 12 sequences long I think Ac3 is 12 sequences too, but i am not 100% sure

Nothing happens when you get 100 percent. It is the same when one gets Fifty percent. The game just goes into after play; which, I think, is pointless.

You will have to reach level 50 again, so you'll be reaching level 100 before you get the prestige star.

You would either need to get Action Replay, Cheat, or finish the game 100% complete. I heard you can change your cloak on Assassin's Creed 1, but so far all I know is that you can use AR, Cheats, or 100% complete.

You get the auditore cape, which makes you automatically notorious in every location. The only real use for it is to 100% complete the trophies/acheivements

Sometimes when you click on WoW, and log into your account it says new patch, and it loads to 100% then turns off WoW and opens a mini tab that shows the patch being downloaded.

In the original assassin's creed, the feathers are used to mark and prove the death of victims. In the other games, feathers are collectibles for achievements. In assassin's creed II, collecting 50 feathers yields a new weapon, the Condottiero War Hammer. Collecting 100 feathers yields the Auditore cape.

If u complete all the master assassin missions 100% successful u will unlock the master assassin armor and weapons for ezio and you dont have to pay for it

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood has no cheat codes. however, if you complete sequences to %100 you will unlock a cheat for use in completed memories. when replaying memories you can access these cheats in the options menu, no progress will be saved if any cheats are active.the available cheats are:Beat Sequence 1 with 100% Synch - Ride the Unicorn / Turn all horses into Unicorns, weapons are electricBeat Sequence 2 with 100% Synch - Buns of Steal / InvincibilityBeat Sequence 3 with 100% Synch - Killing Spree / Assassinations cannot be blockedBeat Sequence 4 with 100% Synch - Sisterhood / Assassin's Guild recruits are all femaleBeat Sequence 5 with 100% Synch - Ultimate Guild / Assassin's Guild recruits are Assassino rankBeat Sequence 6 with 100% Synch - Calling all Assassins / No cooldown timer when calling AssassinsBeat Sequence 8 with 100% Synch - Desmond Everywhere / Desmond skin

You get the in this tent on the military section it costs 15 wood and assassins cost 100 gold and 200 honour.

You unlock the Desmond PC (playable character) by achieving 100% synchronization on DNA Sequence 8 ("The Borgias"). Not that the Desmond PC is simply cosmetic - you will still retain all of Ezio's armour and weapons.

You have to collect all 100 Feathers which are scattered across all cities and put them in the feather chest located in your mother's room within Monteriggioni stronghold. Once this has been done Ezio's Mother will give you the cape.

Try contacting Microsoft or Ubisoft via phone or email. It could be a glitch in the game (Ubisoft) or an error within the coding (Microsoft).

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