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Q: Where can you download for free the ballet version of Sleeping Beauty?
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Where can you watch for free the ballet version of Sleeping Beauty?

If you go to and search "Sleeping Beauty ballet" you will get many clips of different scenes...

When was The Sleeping Beauty - ballet - created?

The Sleeping Beauty - ballet - was created in 1890.

What version is Disney's Sleeping Beauty based on?

Grimm, Perrault and Tchaikovsky ballet

How many fairies are in the ballet Sleeping Beauty?


What type of work was Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky?

Tchaikovsky originally wrote Sleeping Beauty as a ballet in a prologue and three acts. The ballet was first performed in 1890.

Who is the Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty?

The Lilac Fairy in the Sleeping Beauty Ballet is the equivalent of Merryweather in the Disney version. She is the most important fairy in Sleeping Beauty. In the ballet, she is the last fairy to bestow a gift upon Aurora, just after the evil fairy Carabosse/Maleficent curses her, and turns Aurora's death into 100 years of sleep.

When did the Scottish ballet perform Sleeping Beauty?

Early 2012

Who choreographed the ballet Sleeping Beauty?

the original chroeographer was marius petipa.

What is the tempo for the Sleeping Beauty by peter tchaikosvsky?

2 hours of ballet

What has the author Leslie E Spatt written?

Leslie E. Spatt has written: 'The Sleeping Beauty' 'Behind the scenes at the ballet' -- subject(s): Ballet dancing, Sleeping beauty (Choreographic work)

What is a famous ballet?

Cinderella, Coppelia, Pharoah's Daughter, Sleeping Beauty, Remonda

Is the Sleeping Beauty waltz a symphony?

yes, it's part of Tchaikovsky ballet

What was the name of the eivil witch in Sleeping Beauty?

Ballet: Carabosee. Disney adaptation: Maleficent

What is the finger fairy in the ballet Sleeping Beauty?

The finger fairy gives Aurora the gift of passion

Who composed the music for the ballet Sleeping Beauty?

Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer.Sleeping Beauty is probably one of the three best known ballet compositions. The others are Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, which are also by Tchaikovsky.

How many fairies did the king and queen invite in Sleeping Beauty?

12 on the ballet, and 3 on the disney film

What is a famous ballet written by peter tchaikovsky?

1. Swan Lake 2. The Sleeping Beauty 3. The Nutcracker

What classical ballet tells the story of a girl who pricks her finger on a spindle?

Sleeping Beauty, the princess' name is Aurora.

Famous ballet dances?

* swan lake * the nutcracker * sleeping beauty * don quixote * coppelia * giselle ...etc

What ballet performances are there?

coppelia, swan lake, nutcracker, sleeping beauty, the temple, that's all i can think of but there is more

Peter tchaikovsky wrote what famous ballet?

Tchaikovsky is most famous for: The Nutcracker Swan Lake Sleeping Beauty

What are the 5 top ballet dances?

Some popular ballet productions are Swan Lake, La Fille Mal Gardee, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty and La Bayadere

What is the story line in the Sleeping Beauty Kirov ballet 1989?

it is how music works beneath the feet of the dancers. Kirov ballets are beautiful!

What was the longest ballet?

It could be Sleeping Beauty because that is Tchaikovsky's longest one that he wrote but there are thousands of ballets other than the five most famous one. But all the other n ot so famous ballet are very short. some are just 10 mins so it is possible that sleeping beauty is the longest

What are the names of the fairys of Sleeping Beauty?

The purple fairy, is called the Lilac Fairy. The yellow fairy is the canary fairy and the green fairy is called the emerald fairy. This is in the Sleeping Beauty ballet. I think there is one more fairy but do not recall the name.