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Gamehippohas website, has 100% freeware games without adware or spyware. Some are rather excellent too. Give it a try.

Or you can check out Gamer's Database (see related link below). You can find freeware games for your Mac, Windows or Linux computer, freeware game reviews, screenshots and videos.

Brothersoft has some and the rest are on thepiratebay(Google this to find the link)


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The answer depends on the game. There are many freeware and shareware games that are perfectly legal to download and play. Games that are sold in stores are usually not freeware or shareware.

You could use game maker. Download it by typing download game maker. This will be a freeware

You need to pay to download games from many services like Direct2drive or amazon or steam or xbla. However, demos, shareware, and freeware games are free.

A freeware is any software or programs that are free to download and use.

If by "get" you mean "download" there are several options: 1. You can go to a shareware/freeware site and download games 2. Some normal online games will have a "download" option or a link to another site were you can download them. 3. There are even online game adds which you can download. Just remember to look out for viruses and spam when downloading ANYTHING.

There are some freewares that are safe to download and there are others that are not. To ensure that you computer is safe every time you download a freeware file, just make sure that you activate your anti virus.

It is illegal to download movies from the internet unless it is shareware or freeware.

While it is illegal to download full versions of PC games which are not distributed as freeware, there are many older games with expired or abandoned copyrights which are legal to download and play. There are a few sites which make these "abandonware" titles available. Some of those are linked below.

Google Stepmania. It's freeware.

Unless the games are freeware, that would be illegal, and put you at risk of being sued as well as of getting viruses. There are plenty of legal free games. Stick with those.

Brothersoft provides freeware and shareware for download.

yes since Mugen games are not real games from companies or anything

They are available as freeware , flyaway simulations ,simvation, flightsim are just 3 options . does not advocate any particular freeware site . answers provided where downloads are freeware and not commercial enterprises

If you are talking about bittorrent programs, the best ones are freeware. (see related link below for information on best freeware bittorrent clients).

There is a windows vista freeware that you can download and use. Simply search dreamrender for windows vista freeware and you should come across it.

Soft software can be downloaded directly from the company's website. The download is for freeware or shareware. The download can help with some computer problems.

Download.comYes, the free downloads are legal. only offers freeware free. If software is not freeware, you must pay the price of the software. does not charge for the actual download, which is also legal.

They are readily available on freeware and payware across the net.

Use a VPN. They are free, get them off of a freeware site.

i would say games such as : video games, online games, Itendo Ds, etc......

The software you get at Best Buy is a paid product. the software is not "freeware" like you can download online and then make a donation if you really like the freeware.

Stealingor buying them,or downloading full games that are freeware.

You can do it, however if the game is copyrighted then it would be a violation of federal laws and by downloading the game you would be commiting piracy. Any game that is NOT copyrighted or is otherwise freeware can be downloaded from a miscelaneous download source like

Java is a freeware and can be downloaded for free from the Sun Website. Go to and choose the version of Java that you want and you can download it for free.

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