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The Case of the Wicked Wives is temporarily on You Tube in 8 parts. The others are more probematical. Case of the Sinister Spirit though apparently available in either rar files from one site or direct download from another is actually broken files and probably from eastern Europe. Netflix claims to allow a free download but actually demands that you register and give your credit card number. Aside from some best of clips on You Tube, finding these movies even for sale is extremely difficult. Two outfits offer "31 DVDs plus bonus!" for $39 and probably supply partly defective homemade pirate DVDs. Good luck!

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Q: Where can you download perry mason tv movies not TV series Episodes?
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Perry Mason has 271 episodes .

What season did Raymond Burr start using a wheelchair on Perry Mason?

Raymond Burr did not use a wheelchair in "Perry Mason". He used a wheelchair in the series "Ironsides" which aired in September 1967. CORRECTION: In the Perry Mason TV show, he did not use a wheelchair. HOWEVER, he did appear in a wheelchair in the Perry Mason TV movies. In fact, in the very last one he filmed, "The Case of the Killer Kiss" he only stood one time. These tv movies were filmed between 1985 and 1993. I remember watching those movies as a kid and he was in a wheelchair in many of them, but when he first appeared in a wheelchair in the Perry Mason Movies, I do not know.

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During the ten-year run of the "Perry Mason" television series (1957-1966), William Hopper played the role of Paul Drake in more than two hundred episodes. Hopper was the son of actress/gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

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