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The latest version of Garry's Mod can only be found on Valve's 'Steam' distribution channel. It costs $10, and you need to have Half-Life2 or Counter-Strike: Source already installed.

You can also get it with Team Fortress 2 but I do not recomend it, if you want Team Fortress 2 (TF2) I would buy it seperately. Garry's mod or 'Gmod' as people call it is worth the money. You can buy it from the Steam store.

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2009-06-23 22:04:09
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Where to download counter strike source?

To download counter strike source first install Steam at Steam com. then search up Counter Strike Source. it will be in a package with garrys mod, you can buy them both separately or together for £15.00

Where to download latest version of counter strike?

latest version of CS is Source and it can be downloaded from steam client at once you download it it will be latest version of update.

Where to get counter strike source?

To get Counter Strike Source you must first install Steam at, once done search up Counter Strike Source. it will be in a package with Garrys mod. you can buy them seperatly or together for £15.00

Do you need anything for garrys mod?

Yes, you do. You need steam and a source game such as Counter-Strike: Source. Or Half-life Source. Day of Defeat Source

Where do you download counter-strike source full version?

You make a Steam account and buy it from them or in your local gaming store.

What is the latest version of counter strike 1.6?

Counter Strike 1.6 is the latest version, unless you are looking for Condition Zero or Source. If your download was legal, your version should be up-to-date, because Steam automatically updates and patches your games.

How do you downlad garrys mod?

Garrys Mod 10 Is available on Steam, Which can be found at You First need to get a Source Game, which can also be found on Steam, that is including Counter Strike: Source. All and all it should cost about 21 US Dollars.

Where do you buy garrys mod 10?

go to make an account download steam on your computer and then go to the the search bar and type garrys mod and download it it cost $10 you have to have a game source though like half life the cheapest source is half life death match

Why aren't any sprays showing up in Counter Strike Source or Garrys Mod ever since I installed Garrys Mod?

Check your "Options" to make sure the spray you want is still set.

What is the newest version of Counter-Strike?

Counter strike source

How do you Buy Garrys Mod 10 And Where?

Buy it off Of Steam. Its usually About 21 Dollars, Because you have to have A Source Game to go with it, Like Counter Strike: Source.

Is counter strike for kids real?

You can download it as a mod on counter strike source

Is garrys mod a cool game?

Garrys Mod Is a great game, it has Various Addons and Game Modes, Including Spacebuild, Build, Roleplay, And Much more, But before you buy the game, maybe you should check out some videos on youtube about it, to make sure you really want it. if you do visit , Download Steam, and then buy the game with a Source Game. Like Counter Strike: Source.

Can you download counter strike source for free?

Not legally.

Counter-Strike Source no steam where to download free please help?

You can download it from Dont go to this its gay pron^^^^

If you download counter strike source how can you download it again?

Log into your steam client, and redownload.

Do you need counter strike to play garrys mod?

Not necessarily. If you own absolutely no Source games at all, then you can buy it, and you can then run Garry's Mod. A lot of Garry's Mod addons require Counter-Strike Source though, so it's recommended, not required.

Can you use counter strike online as a garry's mod source?

well the garrys mod and cs both made by same company but they are two different games and are not crossmatched so no. You can make your own game modes in Garrys mod to have CS players yes and make your own maps ect. But to have garrys mod in CS game no.

How do you get steam in order to play counter strike?

Download steam from and search for counter-strike source

Can you use garrysmod with counter-strike 1.6?

No you cannot because Counter Strike 1.6 runs on the original counter strike engine. Every game on garrysmod must run from the Source Engine or any game ran off of HL2. From my memory, These are the requirments. You must have ONE for gmod to work. Garrys Mod*Required Half Life 2 *You need this for basically everything in Garrys mod Half Life 2 Episode One Half Life 2 Episode Two Counter Strike Source Team Fortress 2 Half Life Source Day of Defeat Source

Is counter strike source the best cs version?

Arguably, yes.

Where can you download maps for counter strike source?

Can you play garrys mod without a valve game?

no because garrys mod requires that you have a game that uses the source engine

What is the latest version of counter strike?

Well there are 3 versions of Counter-Strike. They are: Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, and Source. The latest one would be Source. You can check out these games at == == ---- == == == ==

Is there a counter strike 2.0?

There is no Counter Strike 2.0, but i think Valves new game Counter Strike Source would count. New graphics, maps and stuff like that. It's run on the source engine. What you do is download a program called steam, find the steam store, find counter strike: source there, buy it and it will download. Then you can play :D