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you can fined them at your local court house of the place were you adopted your child or if your looking for your own adoption papers it will be at the place you were adopted

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Q: Where can you find Adoption Papers?
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What makes an adoption official?

An adoption become official when a judge signs the official papers for it. Once a judge declares an adoption official and signs the papers, it will become legal.

Where can you get adoption papers?

To place a child for adoption or to adopt a child. Either one, the answer is the same. A lawyer or adoption agency.

What agency in Alabama has record of my child's adoption papers?

Probably the one you used for the adoption.

Do adoption papers still exist for cabbage patch dolls?

Yes. See related links to download cabbage patch doll adoption papers.

Is it legal if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

If your parents are not your biological parents and have adopted you and made themselves your legal guardians then they would have to have adoption papers or it wouldn't be legal.

What do adoption papers look like?

Adoption papers look very similar to any other legal document. They consist of many pages of information and signatures for example.

How do you fight a false adoption?

To fight a false adoption you need the help of an attorney. You will have to prove why the adoption is false. The attorney will need to details of the situation and copies of the adoption papers.

Where find a copy of your son adoption papers born in Arkansas?

Your question is confusing. Did you give your son up for adoption or do you need a copy of the court order finalizing the adoption? For the court order finalizing the adoption, you would get a copy from the court that made the adoption final. You would need to contact that court or county to find out what office handles that. You will pay a fee for a copy. If you gave up your son for adoption, you have a more difficult job.

How can you get a copy of adoption papers?

U or parents should have a copy of it.

What is a series of essays favoring the adoption of the constitution?

The Federalist Papers.

How can you find the adoption papers if your daughter was adopted without your permission?

From my experience this can not happen. If it was a closed adoption in some states you can not be in contact til the child is 21. In most states it is 18. I know this because I am currently searching for my daughter and it was a closed adoption without my permission.

What happens to someone if they adopt someone without adoption papers?

Then it's not a adoption and is illegal. You have to have papers to show who the child is and where he comes from etc. You might loose the child and go to prison. This is also for the best of the child. If he wants to find out about his past one day and to make sure he has not been illegally taken from his parents. To have a proper and legal adoption you have to go through an agency and get evaluated.

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