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go to game junkies .com go to or use the disk u got and hook it up to the computer

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 21:42:22
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Q: Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you find Deoxys with the Gameshark in Pokemon Emerald?

you need a gameshark code

Where can you find gameshark codes for Pokemon Gold?

in neoseeker type Pokemon gold and there is a word gameshark and then click on the word and there gameshark codes

What is the game shark code of quick egg from daycare in Pokemon Emerald?

I have no Idea but im sure you can find it on google just type pokemon emerald gameshark codes.

Where can you find Pokemon uranium gameshark codes?

its a hack game emerald game shark codes might work? but i know its from the third gen and it might be no codes

What are some Pokemon Emerald cheats for Xploder?

Emerald Xploder CheatsUnfortunately, there are currently no official Pokemon Emerald Xploder codes. HOWEVER, (now this, for unknown reasons, actually works, i tried it and it actually worked perfectly.) you can, for some reason, use the Gameshark codes for Pokemon Emerald. I don't know why but these codes work for the Xploder GBA. I've first tried it on my Pokemon Emerald, since I was extremely desperate for the codes, but I could not find any for my Xploder, so I decided to use Gameshark codes (don't ask me why, i just did). When it first succeeded, I then tried it on my friend's copy of Pokemon Emerald. Guess what? It worked! You can go to this website to get some of the gameshark codes.Please Note that this is the ONLY game on the GBA to utilize Gameshark codes through Action Replay. No other games will work through this method.

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed the European version?

You can find the gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red the European version by following the website:

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed and Ruby?

Search using Google gameshark codes for Pokemon fire red/ruby

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon Naranja?


Where you can find Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot get Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald unless you go to a Pokemon sponsored event or use a gameshark.

What are some GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed?

You can find gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red at the NeoSeeker website. Once on the page, type "Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark Codes" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the codes.

Cheat codes for Pokemon yellow?

You can find gameshark codes at

Where is rare candies in emerald?

you can find it anywhere,some in the grass area or try gameshark codes to find one.

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon orange?

they are. you just have to look for cheats for Pokemon ruby version. (:

How do you find TMs in pokemon emerald?

Easy. GameShark. Its an action replay for Gameboys, but its rare.

Where you can find gameshark codes of Pokemon crystal for visual boy advance?

Normal Gameshark codes work. you can find them on Supercheats or just look them up with google thats what i normally do

Where do you get ho-oh in pokemon emerald?

I think you can't catch Ho-oh in Pokemon Emerald. But, you can find it in Nintendo event, or use GameShark...

Where you can find gameshark codes of Pokemon silver for visual boy advance?


Can you find dioxes in Pokemon Emerald?

It's possible if you have a gameshark or there's a Nintendo event only

Where to get Celebi in Pokemon Emerald?

Try a cheat or something. First way (Cheat): Go to And click GBA. Then look for Pokemon Emerald. Click Pokemon Emerald once you find it. Then Click "Gameshark Codes". And then look for Celebi (May cost a master code) And there! (Not saying second way cause second way is SOMETHING)

Where can you find the Pokemon unknown in Pokemon emerald?

you carnt without cheating our hacking/codes

What is the Pokรฉmon modifier code for Pokรฉmon Emerald?

Used with a gameshark Instead of giving all of the codes I will provide how to get them yourself. 1. Go to 2. Click Codes 3. click Handheld 4. click on "p" 5. go to page 2 6. click on Pokemon Emerald SWPM #1 or Pokemon Emerald SWPM #2. -The codes can give you a shiney wild Pokemon of anythin. it cal also give you those hard to find Pokemon by turning all Pokemon into that on you selected.

How do you use codes for cheats in Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

You will need a Action Replay(or it might be Gameshark) and you can find codes on Google.

When should I go to the rocket place in Pokemon Emerald to find Deoxys?

This is not the way to catch Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald. You need an Action Replay or Gameshark in order to catch Deoxys.

Gameshark code for quick level up on Pokemon ruby?

Theres a way... search on google and find gameshark codes ^_^ hope this helps!

What are some cheats for Pokemon Yellow?

You can find Gameshark codes at