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Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed and Ruby?

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Search using Google GameShark codes for Pokemon fire red/ruby

2011-09-14 11:29:51
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Gameshark codes for Pokemon Ruby on VBA?

All the GameShark codes for Pokemon Ruby are on the website provided in the related links section.

How do you get tropius in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't it is a hoenn Pokemon you have to trade with somebody who has a Pokemon emerald, Sapphire or ruby game card or you can get it by using gameshark codes...

Are there Pokemon ruby codes that you don't need a gameshark for?

No, there's no Pokemon button codes.

Gameshark codes for Rayquaza on Pokemon ruby?


Which website can you get VBA Pokemon ruby gameshark codes?

you can get codes off

How can you get 99 master balls in Pokemon ruby?

cheat codes or gameshark

Gameshark codes for Pokemon Ruby all evolutions stones?


Where do you type codes for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

To use codes or cheats, you need a GameShark or ActionReplay.

Where can you get gameshark cheat codes for Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Ranger?

use Pokemon ruby cheats-they work, SERIOUSLY!

What is the gameshark cheat to make all Pokemon shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

go to game shark codes for Pokemon ruby and then it will tell you all the game shark codes Peace

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon orange?

they are. you just have to look for cheats for Pokemon ruby version. (:

Where do you get working Pokemon modifier gameshark codes for Pokemon emerald and ruby? Or Google it. O.o;

What are some action replay codes for Pokemon ruby?

There are none! Ruby is Hacked by GameShark!It's GBA! :D

How do you find a Snorlax in Pokemon Ruby?

Unfortunately there are no wild Snorlax in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. The Snorlax must be traded from Firered or Leafgreen, or gained using a gameshark.

Why don't Pokemon ruby gameshark codes work on my Pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers final rom they worked on my ruby rom fine?

That's because they are two different games and the gameshark codes shouldn't be the same. roms are not legal and are a copywrite of Nintendo and gamefreaks work

Pokemon pinball ruby and sapphire GameShark codes?

There aren't any! So have fun NOT CHEATING!

Are there any nogba gameshark codes for Pokemon emerald?

I think theres no nogba codes for that but there are ruby and safire nogba cheats

How do you catch uknowns in the game Pokemon emerald?

Trade Unown from FireRed/LeafGreen, or if you used a gameshark for encountering this pokemon, trade from Ruby/Sapphire.

Gameshark code for quick level up on Pokemon ruby?

Theres a way... search on google and find gameshark codes ^_^ hope this helps!

Gameshark codes for Pokemon ruby destiny reign of legends for visual boy advance?

u go 2 www.pokemondestinyhack/gameshark/cheats

Why doesn't Pokemon ruby gameshark codes work?

you probably dont have the right master code if all of your codes dont work

How do you use Gameshark on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

If yours came with the disc it should have the codes there. If not you can find them on

Pokemon ruby steal traniers Pokemon for gameshark?

yes u can do it on the gameshark

Is there a cheat code for getting aurora ticket in Pokemon Ruby?

go to www.pokemonruby/ for some cool codes. [p.s] the only way to get an aurora ticket in Pokemon ruby is to either use an action replay or a gameshark. you cannot trade it from firered/leafgreen because it is a key item.

Gameshark codes for Pokemon light platinum?

how did u make the four kecleons move in route 210 light platinum shinnoh?? Well,if u have Pokemon light platinum for gba,,,use Pokemon ruby gameshark codes. IT WORKS...TRY IT.