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You'd have to search around on there, there's over 600 pages for just Lily and James fanfics, and people are continuously adding new stories.
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Does the big fight in Harry Potter happen in the sixth or seventh book?

Seventh. (: the sixth one has a fight, but the seventh book's one is bigger. like massive. O:

What is the seventh sister about?

the seventh book is about how the girls parents are awake and they are trying to help fight the scarlet hand

What do you do after you get the sixth badge on Pokemon FireRed?

Fight the seventh gym on Cinnabar Island. Then fight the eighth gym at Virirdian City.

Why boy hamsters fight when their put together?

They fight when they are put together because they have to defend their territory.

Why does rey mysterio doesn't fight?

He tore a ligement in his knee for like the seventh time

If put together do goats and sheep fight?

The males may fight, generally they are kept together with no problems.

How do you fight together in tzhaar fight pits on runescape?

You Cant

Where did the US seventh army fight in world war 2?

The ETO (European Theater of Operations).

Who was the editor of Fight Club?

James Haygood :)

Did obi wan kenobi and kit fisto fight together?

They fight together in the Battle of Geonosis and also in various episodes of The Clone Wars.

Do squids live together or seprate?

they will mate but cannot live together as they will fight over territory.even during mating season they will occasionally fight

Did James Madison fight in any wars?

James Madison was President in the war of 1812.

Is it bad to have two Betta fish together in the same tank because Ihave two and they are fine together?

Yes it is bad because they will fight but if they have grown up together they wont fight.

What do you do after defeating the seventh leader on Pokemon perl?

After you beat Candice go to mount courenet and fight team galactic

What did unions fight for?

To keep the Union together.

How do goats fight?

they smack there heads together

Can people with adhesive fight?

They can if they stick together

Can two female rabbits have babies together?

no as you would need a male to get the female pregnant but you should never keep 2 females together unless you know they will not fight. Never keep rabbits together, they will fight as they are very territorial. They will eventually fight AND it will be ugly.

What did Jesse James do during the civil war?


What battles did James A. Garfield fight in?

james a. garfield fought in the battle of Middle Creek

Did James Otis fight with the British during the French and Indian War?

James Otis Jr. did.

Why don't my female Syrian hamsters fight when they are put together?

Female hamsters may NOT fight. Only the males have a tendency to fight.

What episodes do Naruto and Jiraiya fight?

They are teacher and student. So they dont fight but train together.

Do boy geckos fight over a girl gecko?

Male geckos will fight till the death if they are housed together, regardless of a female being present or not. Never housed males together as they will fight for dominance and territory.

How do you mate a female with an male hamster?

you would put them together in the same cage together if they start to fight then seperate them at once or else they may fight to death.