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Where can you find Kurt Angle's new ECW theme song?

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try using shareaza from

2006-07-05 11:05:02
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Q: Where can you find Kurt Angle's new ECW theme song?
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Where can you find Kurt angles TNA theme song?


What is the name of Kurt Angles TNA theme song?

Gold medal

What is the name of Kurt angles ECW theme song?

its called you suck

Who sings Kurt Angles theme song?

Tha Trademarc John Cena's cousin

Who sings Kurt angles new tna theme song?

If you mean the one from 2007-present then it is gold medal by Tha Trademarc and composed by dale oliver.

What is Kurt Angle's TNA theme?

Kurt Angle's 'Impact Wrestling' (formerly TNA) theme song is called "Gold Metal" by Tha Trademarc.

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Tha Trademarc....... John Cena's cousin

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it used to be when he was in that hes in tna i dont know.

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