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Where can you find Lugia?

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on whirl islands

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HOW DO YOU find Lugia xd?

how to find lugia and ho-oh

How do you find Lugia in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find Lugia in Pokémon Platinum.

Where can you find Lugia in pokemon ruby version?

You can find lugia in navel rock

Which whirl island do you find Lugia on?

you find lugia in the first whirl island

Where can you find Lugia in Pokemon indigo?

You can find lugia on the league champion steven map.

Where to find Lugia in heartgold?

Lugia is at the bottom of the Whirl Islands.

How do find Lugia on Pokemon platinum?

You cannot find Lugia in Pokémon Platinum.

How can you get Lugia in platnium?

Use surf to find lugia, there might be a mountain.

Where to find Lugia egg?

Lugia is a legendary pokemon, therefore it does not have eggs.

What level is Lugia when you find him in SoulSilver?

lugia is a level 45 when u find it im soul silver

Where to find Lugia on HeartGold?

you can find lugia if you go to kanto and go to pewter city and get the silver wing from that man on the ledge and then go back to whirl islands on route 40 and you will find lugia

Where do you find Lugia in Pokemon Crystal?

you can find lugia in on whirl island in the caves, after you received a silver wing from a man in pewter city. (still can`t find lugia? you can find a guide video on youtube.) GOOD LUCK!!!

Where do you find Lugia on pokemon crystal?

you can get lugia in the wirl islands after you get the silver wing

How do you get lugia in a trade?

Just find a person that has a Lugia and ask if you can make a trade with him.

What level is Lugia in Pokemon crystal?

You will find lugia at level 60 i believe.

Where do you find shadow Lugia on soulsilver?

Shadow Lugia is only available in XD.

Where do you find Lugia in whirl islands?

Welcome to my world. How to find the Lugia. There are 5 islands. All I can say is you have to get lucky.

How do i catch lugia?

in hotgold or soulsilver you have to go to the whirl islands and find your way to lugia remember lugia can pop out masterballs

Where do you find Lugia at in Pokemon soul silver?

You can find Lugia in the Whirl Islands when you have obtained the Silver Wing and the Tidal Bell.

Where do you find Lugia on Pokemon Pearl?

you cant get a lugia in Pokemon pearl unless you have AR

How do you seek Lugia on soul silver?

you can find lugia with the silver wing in the whirl islands

Where do you find Lugia on SoulSilver?


Where do you find Lugia on soul sliver?

Lugia is found in the Whirl Islands. There are four separate islands, and you have to choose one of them to search for Lugia. Lugia is in the top right island of the four.

How to find Lugia?

whirl islands

Where do you find Lugia in platinum?

you cant