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I have found them under the Keebler Right Bites Fudgeshoppe name. I have found them at Target and Meijers. Also, saw them at the hostess outlet shop

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Why do you need butter to bake cookies?

Butter adds flavor and texture to cookies.

What flavor are keebler jingles cookies?


Is there a way to suggest an Oreo flavor to Nabisco?

The customer relations department may be the best place to start.

Why is salt added to cookie dough?

In cookies, salt is a flavor enhancer. Without it, the cookies will be bland.

What is Santa Claus favorite cookie flavor?

Either Sugar Cookies, or Chocolate Chip Cookies.

What are chocolate wafers?

They are thin cookies which flavor is chocolate

What does vanilla extract do in cookies?

gives them a vanilla flavor.

How many types of flavor cookies are there?

Infinitely many!

What are creamed filled chocolate cookies?

The most popular commercial brand of cream filled chocolate cookies is the Oreo, made by Nabisco. Similar cookies can be made at home with dark chocolate refrigerator cookies or roll-and-cut cookies made into sandwiches with buttercream frosting. An intensely dark cocoa, such as "black cocoa" sold through King Arthur flour, will produce a very dark cookie similar to Oreos; the buttercream filling can be made with plain vegetable shortening (not "butter-flavor") to keep the filling bright white.

Is molasses important in a gingerbread cookies recipe?

Yes very. It is the main ingredient that gives the cookies their flavor.

Why is milk used in cookies?

Milk is used for improved flavor, and gives cookies their tender, crisp texture.

Is chocolate a flavoring?

Yes. It adds flavor as chips in cookies.

What does vanilla extract do to cookies?

it gives them a slight vanilla flavor.

What flavor is better strawberry or cookies and cream?

Mix them both

Do you need to put vanilla in peanut butter cookies?

Vanilla is not absolutely necessary in peanut butter cookies. The main flavor is the peanut butter in these recipes. However, vanilla rounds out the flavor and improves the cookies for those with very discriminating tastes.

Do Grandma's cookies have lard in them?

I cannot answer for your grandmother, but this grandmother often uses lard in cookies that do not require butter for flavor.

What flavors does Carr's Cookies make?

Carr's cookies can come in multiple flavor options. Some of those flavor options that can be found on Amazon include Ginger Lemon Creme and English Tea.

Why do they put salt sometimes in cookies?

Salt is used as a flavor enhancer.

What does the unsweetened cocoa powder do in the no bake cookies?

Gives them the chocolate flavor.

What is the main flavor of windmill cookies- ginger or nutmeg?


What is Darth Vader's favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookies and cream.

What is ROC Royal's favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookies & Cream!

What does brown sugars do for chocolate cookies?

It adds color and caramelly flavor.

Can you bake garlic and cookies at the same time?

You can, but the garlic flavor might infuse into the cookies giving them an un-pleasant taste.

Where to get zero calorie flavor drops?

food lion...anywhere pretty much