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That's a bit vague.. but seems like an excellent resource to start one or join one.

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Q: Where can you find VIN for 1991 Toyota Tercel because of a class action lawsuit total loss claim?
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How do you spell lawsuit?

That is the correct spelling of "lawsuit" (a civil legal action).

What are the requirements for a class action lawsuit?

The only requirement for a class action lawsuit is that the lawsuit inovles multiple suing parties. Some of the most famous class action lawsuits came out of the late 90's pursuit of the tobacco industry. Below is a link to the largest, current class action lawsuit, Dukes Vs. Walmart:

How to file a class action lawsuit against YouTube?

What is the meaning of a class action lawsuit settlement?

A class action lawsuit settlement is a form of lawsuit in which a large group of people collectively bring a claim to court and/or in which a group of defendants is being sued. It originated in the United States.

How long does it take to settle a vaginal mesh lawsuit?

A vaginal mesh lawsuit, like any other lawsuit can take several years to be settled, especially if it is a class action lawsuit.

Where can you go to file a wrongful death lawsuit?

This would be considered a civil action lawsuit and should be filed with an experienced lawyer. It is best to file quickly because most states have a statute of limitations.

What cannot initiate action in a lawsuit?

Supreme Court

What does the term 'class action' refer to in a lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit refers to a lawsuit brought against a company by a large group of people. The large group of people are not present in court. Rather, they are represented by a lawyer.

How do you join a class action lawsuit?

You need to find out the jurisdiction for your lawsuit. There are certain stipulations on what areas can take on a class action lawsuit. You can research online to see about existing cases, or you can simply call a class action lawyer in your area to see if they are taking similar cases or are willing to start one.

What provisions of the securities law will probably be the basis for a class-action lawsuit by the stockholders?

What provision(s) of the securities law will probably be the basis for a class-action lawsuit by the stockholders

How was the class action lawsuit settled?

The way it is settled depends on the type of class action lawsuit. The process for a product liability class action, for example, will be different than an employment class action suit-such as the one involving Wal-Mart right now.

How is a class action lawsuit defined?

A class action lawsuit is where one person represents a large group of people. This is common where a group of people have a common cause that they want to bring to court.

When you are dissatisfied with a product or service filing a lawsuit is the fastest most direct way toget action?

When you are dissatisfied with a product or service, filing a lawsuit is the fastest, most direct way to get action.

What is a lawsuit?

A lawsuit is an action a person takes in the court of law when they feel wronged by another person or company seeking money from damages.

What does it mean if a court case is discontinued?

It means that the person who commenced the action (lawsuit) has dropped (cancelled) the action.

Is there a class action suit to fight the Texas surcharge program?

yes there should be a class action lawsuit

How can i use promissory note to file a complaint or lawsuit against the debtor?

In an action on a promissory note, the promissory note itself is evidence. Give it to your attorney, who is filing the suit, because he will need all the relevant evidence to pursue the lawsuit.

What court cannot initiate an action without a lawsuit?

Supreme Court

Is Action Toyota the name of a dealership?

No, Action Toyota is not the name of a dealership, however Acton Toyota is. This dealership is located in Littleton, Massachusetts serving the Boston area.

What is the party who defends in a lawsuit called?

In civil law, the party who is served with the papers beginning the civil action, and is defending the lawsuit is called the "defendant"; the party who brings the lawsuit is called the "plaintiff". In the strictest sense, the person in a criminal 'lawsuit' not a civil proceeding, is called a "defendant". The party, in the criminal action, who brings the lawsuit, a criminal proceeding, is called the "State". The representative for the criminal action against the is a Prosecutor. Please see the discussion page for further notions about using the word "defendant" instead of the label "accused" in a criminal proceeding.

How do you do a class action asbestos lawsuit?

You can file a class action asbestos lawsuit by getting together with other people relevant to the case and filing a joint suit. This may be coworkers or other people relevant to the case.

What is best individual or class action lawsuit?

It depends on the nature of the lawsuit. If you were very seriously injured you may make more money off of an individual lawsuit, however, the big benefits of a class action lawsuit are dramatically reduced legal costs and great efficiency. The law article below discusses more of the benefits of a class action suit. But it really does depend on your personal situation-the type of injury, how much you can spend on a lawyer, etc.

How do you become a part of a class-action lawsuits?

The fastest way is to talk to a plaintiff class action lawyer. If its an existing class action lawsuit he or she should be able to direct you to the law firm handling the case. If its a new class action lawsuit most class action lawyers will investigate and provide advice at no cost. Good luck.=]

A legal action brought between two sides in a court of law?


What is a lawsuit called when filed on behalf of multiple people?

A class action suit.