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Where can you find a 'Meet the Mets' ringtone for your cell phone?

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βˆ™ 2009-02-16 00:19:36

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You can probably get the ringtone free from Blicer ( If they don't have it, request it to any media contributor and they'll get it for you.

2009-02-16 00:19:36
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Q: Where can you find a 'Meet the Mets' ringtone for your cell phone?
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Find free ringtones from URL added below in related links section. Then transfer ringtone through a USB cable or bluetooth device to your cell phone. Then click 'options" on ringtone and set it as RINGTONE on your cell phone.

In the movie Michael clayton George Clooney what ringtone did his blackberry phone use?

i have that ringtone on my home phone i dont think you can get it on a cell phone i might be wrong

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How do you set a recorded sound as your ringtone on a Verizon cell phone?

you send it in the form of a sound text message to your phone and hit the options when it is sent to your phone and it will ask if you want to set it as a ringtone! ~hope it helped~

How do you change a cell phone's ringtone?

You can change your cellphone's ringtone by going to the settings part of the phone. From there, scroll to 'ringtones' and select a new one.

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You can find a ringtone for Cincinnati Bell on the official Cincinnati Bell website. The ringtone can be downloaded for free and downloaded onto a cell phone.

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"You can purchase cell phone ringtones on line. However, you want to make sure that the ringtone you purchase will be functional on your phone. It is advisable that you read the information that came with your phone before you purchase."

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If someone wants a free ringtone for their cell phone then it is certainly worth trying any of the app stores such as Amazon or iTunes. It is also worth asking friends where they got their ringtone because they may know of good locations.

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How are you billed for downloading a ringtone?

When purchasing a ringtone from your cell phone service provider, the cost is automatically added to your monthly bill. When using other sites, the costs will be added to your credit card.

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