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go buy a chiltons or haynies, tehy prove to be very useful, and I have found that if you call your local Honda service center and speak with the techs they will gladly make you a copy of whatever it is that you need, but as far as stereo wiring goes you don't need the many wires could ther possibly be?ok this is just off the top of my head, and not specific to Honda, but to aftermarket stereos/speaker specs....

1. Illumination Orange 2. Memory Yellow constant 12V 3. Power Red switched circuit 4. Ant. Remote Blue 5. Amp Remote Blue / White 6. FL Speaker + Grn 7. FL Speaker - Grn/Blk 8. FR Speaker + Purple 9. FR Speaker - Purple/Blk10. FL Speaker + White11. FL Speaker - White/Blk12. FR Speaker + Grey13. FR Speaker - Grey/Blk

so 13 wires is not so bad.....go to your nearest auto parts store and purchase a stereo wire harness...all the wire colors are the same as on your new deck....they cost about $5 and hook right up...

they also won't void your factory warranty

Answerplease visit for a complete install wiring and instructions. its a free site. they also allow print and save!
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Q: Where can you find a 1990 Honda Accord wiring guide for the stereo?
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