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Where can you find a 1996 Ford Taurus electical wiring diagram going to and from the fuse box to the rest of the car?


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2015-07-14 15:06:07
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i have a 96 merc. sable. the Taurus is basically the same, but my fuse box is under the steering wheel on the bottom of the dash where all of the wires are. try to look under the dash on the left side. . the diagram is there or in the manual.

AnswerMy 1996 ford Taurus has a fuse box in the front engine compartment above the radiator. However, it is not clear what each is for? AnswerChilton repair manual has most electrical diagrams and can be purchased for almost all cars at autozone. Chiltons can also be contacted on-line and definitely have what you need.

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