Toyota Supra
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Where can you find a CAD drawing of a Supra?

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the TAMIYA 1:24 Supra comes with orthographic drawings of the Supra-- (left, top, front, back views)... that's the most accurate drawing out there that I've seen, but can't help you with the CAD drawings.

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What is necessary to create a CAD drawing?

* A Computer * CAD Software

What features does Computer-Aided Design CAD have?

I would expect to find drawing tool

What drawing program is used for cad?

There are a number of commercial and bespoke software programs for CAD.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of manual drafting?

Here i say. What do we have here. The drawing is drawn i see. The cad is new. What does that mean. Could it be, that i am afraid to see. How about that. Cad is better than drawing but drawing is better than cad. You see, if you draw then you draw, if you cad then its cad. No need for skills just the computer mind is you. But you are not you unless you draw it by you. So is it really you. Solely down to you. No denying.

What are CAD drawings?

Computer Assisted Drawing (or Drafting).

How do you find slope in autocad drawing?

One can draw slopes in an AutoCAD drawing by drawing lines at differing angles. An AutoCAD is a CAD or computer aided design software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting.

What are some of the advantages of using a CAD?

The advantages of CAD are; More advance designs, Easier to use then drawing boards,

What is the program cad?

The program that allows computer aided drawing.

How do you do scaling in a cad drawing?

Yes, so you simply do scaling.

What is the process of converting Cad drawings into metalstructures?

deep drawing....

Are there any examples for cad or cam?

cad is a 2d drawing then use cam the laser cutter and turn it into a 3d model

What is the purpose of 3d cad software programs?

The purpose of 3d cad software programs is for computer drawing, 3D modelling and realistic creation. You can read about this program at

What is auto CAD screen?

You will notice that the Auto CAD drawing screen has many parts to it and can be somewhat confusing at first. There is a bar on the top of the screen which is a standard Windows feature. This identifies the fact that the program running in the "window" is AutoCAD and lists the name of the current drawing. If you have not saved the drawing yet, AutoCAD simply calls it "Drawing".

How do you draw elevation in auto cad?

from the floor plan by drawing the vertical line from it

Who use CAD?

CAD stands for computer aided design, that helps the designers to increase digital measurement accuracy, while drawing engineering designs.

What are the advantages of CAD design services?

Cad design services provide better control in planning and designing and of any architecture or building. One can save and store in compute files it is an marvelous advantatge of CAD drawing service. One of the main advantages of the CAD design services if you need some change in drawing you can easily edit and manipulate without disturbing all design.

Why do Civil engineers use cad?

to make the work easier than drawing in a sheet

Describe the types and formats of cad information that may be produced in a drawing office?


How can a cad database be used?

To track the integrete of your drawing and parts to make sure they fit

How many years do you have to go to school to be a CAD?

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is not a profession but a system used for drawing, and usually particular to architecture, electrical, and mechanical engineering fields. In general, a computer with CAD software.

What is the different between drawing and drafting?

Drawing usually refers to what an artist or designer does using pencil or ink or digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and can be all freehand. Drafting usually is an exacting mechanical drawing or Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) that is meant to be an aid to architectural building as a scale drawing or a scaled blueprint for manufacturing and sometimes using CAD programs such as AutoCAD.

How is a cad system different to a drawing program?

CAD or computer aided drafting systems are typically much faster and much more accurate than pencil drafting.

In the computer aided machine drawing how to draw the projection in 3d drafting?

by using cad cam software

What software are required for electrical engineers?

One software I know is Auto-cad, which is needed for electrical Drawing.

What command will let you edit a block or xref in a cad drawing without exploding it?

Edit block or xref