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If the model number isn't marked somewhere on the gun, it's pretty hard to determine exactly which Stevens double you have since they made at least 60 different models in three basic configurations - side hammer, back hammer, and hammerless. I can tell you that the "arms & tool" version of the company name was used from 1886 to 1916. If has a hammerless boxlock action, it was made after 1903.

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Q: Where can you find a J Stevens A and T Model Number?
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What number do you use to cross reference a Riverside shotgun to J Stevens model numbers?

The Riverside model number will be identical to the Stevens number.

You have j Stevens built 1886-1916 single shot 12ga The only number you can find is in the back of the trigger E180 what is the model number serial number?


How do you find the year your J Stevens shotgun was made?

By listing your serial number,and the model number with the caliber your shotguns was chambered in.please include this in your question.

Are replacement parts easy to find for j Stevens model 5100 16 gauge?


Where do you find the model number on a j Stevens 12 gauge single shot shotgun?

i am not 100 percent sure but i think it would be found on the barrel.

What is the manufacture date of springfield model 52a manufactured by j Stevens arms co with the number 25 in a circle on left side of barrel cannot find serial number?

your savage Stevens model 52a was made between 1933-1937 in the amount of 88,000 guns.

Where can you find parts for a J Stevens model 87A 22cal semiauto rifle?

Parts for a Stevens Model 87A can be found at:

Is a J Stevens Arms Co double-barreled hammerless shotgun with the number 357 located ahead of the trigger guard on the bottom older than the nineteen twenties?

I can't find production dates for a model 357, but if it is marked J Stevens Arms Co (NOT J. Stevens and Co or J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co), the gun was made no earlier than 1920 and before 1950.

Where can I find parts for J Stevens 22 Long Rifle?

Depending on the model number and which part (you will need to know that) try Otherwise, visit a gunsmith.

Where is the serial number on a 410 J Stevens Model 59 A?

Wasn't required to have one.

Can you find out the age of my J Stevens 520-30 riot 12 gauge shot gun by its serial number?

The serial number range for the Stevens model 520-30 military shotguns is from 30,000-70,000.As to the year of manufacture you will probably have to contact Savage/Stevens directly.

What is the manufacture date of Stevens model 82?

Stevens model 82 by the J Stevens arms co. made between 1935-1939.

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