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Where can you find a J Stevens A and T Model Number?


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2014-02-04 22:13:06
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If the model number isn't marked somewhere on the gun, it's pretty hard to determine exactly which Stevens double you have since they made at least 60 different models in three basic configurations - side hammer, back hammer, and hammerless. I can tell you that the "arms & tool" version of the company name was used from 1886 to 1916. If has a hammerless boxlock action, it was made after 1903.


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The Riverside model number will be identical to the Stevens number.

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By listing your serial number,and the model number with the caliber your shotguns was chambered in.please include this in your question.

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i am not 100 percent sure but i think it would be found on the barrel.

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Parts for a Stevens Model 87A can be found at:

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