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Where can you find a Seviper in Pokemon Diamond?


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Route 208 with sapphire inserted into your ds

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You can find Seviper in Diamond, but you'll need Pokémon Sapphire as well. If you put Sapphire in the GBA slot, you can find Seviper at routes 208 and 210. It's rare and will be level 26 at route 210 and level 18 at route 208.

seviper can't be found anywhere

You can't unless you have the Pokemon modifier cheat.

Route 208, Route 210 (After obtaining the National Pokedex, insert Sapphire cartridge into your DS).

In Sapphire and Emerald, you can find Seviper at Route 114. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Route 208(Sapphire has to be in the GBA slot.).

no Pokemon evolves into seviper

You can get Lotad, Lombre, Sableye, Seviper and Lunatone.

You can get seviper from Pokemon sapphire by trading.

Seviper is a Poison type pokemon.

you can't catch seviper on Pokemon ruby (Pokemon sapphire only)

You can find Pidey in a Pokemon Outbreak in Pokemon Diamond

You need to trade seviper to firered from sapphire.

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you get it by looking in the area where you find a seviper because they have feuded for so long.

The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl episode that shows Jessie's/Team Rocket's Seviper being attacked by a pack of wild Zangoose is titled "Tears For Fears."

Seviper is one of the uncommon Pokemon that just doesn't evolve. Hope this helps!

Seviper is #336 in the national pokedex, and it is a Poison type Pokemon.

where do i find a totodile in Pokemon diamond/pearl on nintendods

You can not find or get manaphy on Pokemon diamond but you can by hacking, trading or... if you have Pokemon ranger you have to complete the manaphy mission and then you can put it onto diamond.

get an action replay and find a cheat that lets u find all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

Sorry to say, but Seviper doesn't evolve, ever, in any Pokemon game.

You can only get seviper by using the action replay cheat code or trading it from diamond, pearl or even platinum.

First find an Ekans.Then you can evalve it into Arbok.Lastly the Arbok should evaolve into a Seviper

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