Where can you find a book for an 81 VW Dasher with a diagram for the fusebox and where the relays go?

If you have a Canadian Tire, or similar store where you are, there is usually a section for Automobile Repair books. I just walked into a Canadian Tire, look for all the ones for VW, and one of them listed Dasher. (I have a 1980 Dasher) It has been the best book ever, and it was only $20. I would give you the name of the book and author, but I don't have it here at work. If I think of it when I get home, I'll post it. Much of the Dasher is the same as a Rabbit, or a Fox. When it comes to electric, it is more like the Rabbit. Sears might be a good place to look. If any one knows the answer to this Q: My rear pads expanded after I took the Drum of to get replaced, now I can not get the Drum on. No my emerg break is not on. Does any one know how shrink them back down? My book says something about prying on a release, but it doesn't describe where to find it. Thanks.