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Where can you find a cam belt drive lay out picture for a 1992 Rover 214?


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Haynes Manuals, can be found using any search engine.


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it does not have a timing belt, it is a chain drive which should be good for the life of the car

this engine has a belt drive timing system

If you can check into Gold Coast Rovers (XKSUnlimited) they have a diagrahm on the belt page for all Rovers.

This car doesn't have a serpentine belt. It has 2 drive belts.

The powersteering pump is driven by the serpentine belt. There is only the one belt to drive everything

Insert a socket or wrench on the spring-loaded serpentine belt tensioner then pull back; the belt will loosen.

No, but have you ever seen a motorcycle that used a drive belt rather than a chain. Well the belt look just like your timing belt.

I have no listing for a Land Rover Range Rover. Are you sure it has a timing belt an does not have a chain?

Accessory drive belt.Accessory drive belt.

Some where in the radiator shroud or engine compartment there should be a serpentine belt diagram. Follow diagram or picture. Rotate the drive belt tensioner away from the drive belt and install the drive belt on the alternator pulley. also the pulleys the smooth side of the belt goes on the smooth pulleys the belt side with the teeth go on the pulleys with the teeth

Can you see a picture of how the belt look on... WHAT?

alternator drive belt?

how often do i have to change the timing belt on my rover400

The serpentine belt would be the same as the accessory drive belt.

A picture diagram of the drive belt routing is suppose to be on either the underside of the hood, close to the latch assemble or on the radiator support panel. also it as the same routing as a Toyota Corolla 1.6 liter 1987-1992.

To change a power steering belt on a Rover 214, unbolt the power steering pump and pry the belt off the pulley. Replace with another steering belt and reinstall the steering pump.

i found a picture of mine from looking up a picture for the alternator. try looking up other parts that belong on the belt path. waterpump, powersteering.. etc.

NO. Drive belts drive the AC, Power Steering, Alternator, Waterpump, exe. Cam belt=timing belt.

show picture of belt tensioner of a 300E

picture of fan belt tensioner on a vectra

Go to your local Chrysler dealer parts department and ask them if they can print a picture of it for you. Their catalog will show the belt routing when they look up the drive belt. i just did one ,i went to the local auto parts store and asked for a copy of their belt book diagram. 9 times out of 10 they are free and a great way to fix it yourself.

i have a rover 75, 1.8. it has about 26,000 miles on clock. when does my timing belt need changing

Loosen the tensioner pulley. Remove the old drive belt. Install the new drive belt. Tighten the new drive belt with the tensioner pulley.

how to change the drive belt

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